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Hi All,

I am hoping to do a full paramotoring course in the UK in 2020. I have no wing flying experience to date other than skydiving. At the risk of sounding like I'm getting ahead of myself, I'd like to know more how accessible tandem flying will be for me after I have qualified.

Some key questions I have are:

  • Is this something that can only be done safely with a lot of hours under your belt? If so, how many do you think?
  • Is it possible to fly solo on tandem equipment or would you need to have two sets?

I'd really like to be able to go flying with my wife so I want to be clear on how far away this dream is!




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In the order asked... 

I would say a minimum of 100 good take off and landings and around 100 hours before considering tandem passengers. (can be done in about 12 months if you are SUPER keen and have no life lol ) 

The Paramotor (MAY) be able to do the job of both but the wings will be different (you would need another wing) 

If you can dream it, you can do it! :-)



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Have you thought about doing a tandem yourself to give you an idea what is involved?

I did one, and even to my inexperienced eye I certainly wouldn't say it was trivial. 

If flying tandem is your main driver, it me be worth looking at microlight, as practically things are no different solo to tandem. Obviously you get a lot more regulation. 

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I'm with paraflyer17 on this, if I wished to fly with my Mrs often (if she was interested in such things) I would be very very tempted to look at microlights as a much more practical option.
My legs are getting too old  to guarantee a launch in anything less that a 6mph wind and that is solo.
Its becoming such a pain in the ass, I am considering attempting to build a sub 70kg three axis.... setup time will be a bitch but ill be guaranteed a flight in nil wind :)

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On 12/11/2019 at 10:05, Blackburn Mark said:

I am considering attempting to build a sub 70kg three axis.... setup time will be a bitch but ill be guaranteed a flight in nil wind :)

Is this even possible most of the sub 70kg I have seen are mininilist trikes with a flex wing I think you would struggle to build a three axis in the sub 70 class you would be better looking into the SSDR as this give you much more weight.  Even the American FAR part 103 ( which is what they call ultralights) has a weight limit of 254lbs or 278lbs if fitted with a parachute. If you can that will be amazing and fair play to you.  We have things much rougher here I. The UK than they do stateside it's a lot harder for home builds and own designs as we don't have the experimental class and the part 103.

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Lots of cables omitted from this sketch and the tail is not complete.
Rough calculations based upon Mike Sandlin's Goat4 wings + everything including the 490mm WheelEeez wheels leaves me with just over 4kg for motor mounts, controls, reserve mount, harness and front skid.... it would be a slow and draggy little machine but still better than watching TV :)
I don't "know" it can be done, it is close enough that I may commit to building in order to find out and if all else fails I could drop the four stroke for a lighter motor (really don't want to do that!)
There are a couple of drive/prop issues that need solving (without adding weight) to keep the engine vibrations off the tail boom/prop... if I can crack those with confidence, ill pull the trigger on a pile of tubing. 

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