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So expensive.

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Hi Alan,155. I am so depressed, this is the only thing I have ever wanted to do, my budget,, well let's say pitiful, I need a wing to get my kiting nailed,,then pay ptuk 1200 , which is fair enough,I understand that,,but now I'm told I have to provide all kit also,,maybe I'm deluded , anyway,sorry to procrastinate, tell me the price,

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There seems to be two universal pieces of advice I see from long-time flyers to newbies:

1) Get good, reputable training from a non-self-aggrandizing school .

2) Do not buy equipment until complete (or very-nearly complete) with your initial training.  ( The coffee mug does not count as equipment - so good news there.)


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I did half my training on school wing/motor. Then the second half on my wing and school motor. Then bought motor.

This way you only buy wing when you have some idea about how you expect to fly eg low and slow, fast and high g, cross country etc. You finish training on your own wing. You maximise learning before buying machine.

The only thing I would do differently would be to attend a large paramotor meet (PMC or Parafest type) to maximise knowledge before buying machine.

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