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Fly100evo motor problem :(


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Hi everyone,

so i have a Fly100evo paramotor which i have trouble diagnosing.


What i have done so far:

I have changed the cylinder and piston after they got stuck running too lean ( may have been damaged before as well since i bought it used). I have also done a carb rebuild (new gaskets and membrane) since it seemed to build up alot of air in the fuel line coming to the carb.


The Problems i am having:

-I can fly fine for about 20 mins then it starts behaving irregular in the RPM of the motor. loosing power to the point where i cant even climb anymore.

-Now recently it have also started smoking a bit.

- I used to have problem with it stalling when bending forward with it on my back until i did the carb rebuild.

will changing the carb and reed valve to new parts help?

I'm quite handy guy but combustion engines ain't my field so if anyone got tips i would greatly appreciate,


I read this below which seems to fit my problems. but being stubborn i have hard accepting the not reparable part.

The pilot bends over and the engine stalls.  This is NOT a repairable problem!  It is caused by the puddling of fuel and oil in the crankcase.  Bending over will allow the flywheel to slop the puddle (usually with a higher concentration of oil) into the combustion chamber.  The engine may either smoke a lot for a moment or stall

source: http://www.southwestairsports.com/ppgtechinfo/top80/hrservicenotes/performanceissues/performance_issues.htm

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