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Milltiple wings on AXA insurance


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Does anyone have multiple wings insured with AXA?

I copied the following form their website but it’s still not 100% clear to me.

How do I change or add a glider/wing to my insurance cover if I have bought a new glider/wing?

In case of change of a glider/wing please inform us about type, serial number and year of manufacture. We then alter your insurance policy and send you the new document. There is a EUR 5,-- charge for such alterations, which can be paid together with the next insurance premium.

If you want to add another glider/wing to your insurance (up to 3 solo gliders/wings for personal use are possible) please proceed as mentioned above.

We will send again all documents (including an English translation of your policy) to you by post or upon request by Email.


Am I right to interpret that it will only cost 5 Euros to add another wing to the policy?

Appologies if this has been covered before.


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