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are you meaning help as in getting the motor to stop or figuring out what the issue with the stop button is?

If its getting the motor to stop I'd either pinch the fuel line till it cuts out or pull off the plug lead, as for the stop switch you'll need to get a multimeter on it and see if its the contacts inside the switch are working as intended or if the issue is the wiring and where it Leads to, I'm a stranger to paramotors but assume the systems they run for kill switches wouldn't be too different to motorbikes which I am familiar with, so there is a chance my advice might not be correct

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37 minutes ago, Martin Whelan said:

Thanks guys sorted it now did some wire wiggling and got lucky 😁

Good to hear you got it working again but if through "wire wiggling", that would suggest something is going to fail sooner rather than later. I'd recommend a thorough integrity check of the kill switch wiring.

(I've had to replace both wires/connectors on different occasions recently)

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