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Project Paramotor Smoke Kit.


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I have been toying with the idea of smoke for the Tip to Tip pilots to 'disperse' at key places during the flight.

I am finding out a load of stuff and thought that I would share it in case someone else is trying to do the same.

OK, I have written off injecting a fuel into the exahust early in the process becasue of the effect on our carbon footprint.

I then started to look into smoke canisters (as used by sky divers, the ARMY and such....) we managed a few good deployments but both found that it just 'felt' a little wrong flying along with this bomb anywhere on the motor.

So.... I started looking into streamers..... until..

Yesterday when Rob (baydon) mentioned that he had built a smoke machine! and that you could buy 'liquid smoke for a few quid!'

so I started looking.....

I have now ordered a gallon of Liquid smoke and have sussed out that it needs to end up at close to 300 degree C before getting sprayed onto a hot metal plate to turn into harmless waterbased smoke. :D

so how???

My idea, and I will try this as soon as everything arrives here..

A washer bottle and motor from a car (12v) 1 meter of copper brake line (as used in many smoke machines) and an 800c hot exhaust.

I intend to coil the copper wire around the hottest part of the exhaust and wrap it in exhaust bandage ( to keep it hot ) and then use a nitrous oxide injector head to spray the hot liquid onto the hottest part of the exhaust (I may have to enclose this part to prevent the liquid from escaping before evaporating) The other end is connected to the above mentioned washer bottle full of liquid smoke.

A simple PTS 'Push To Smoke' button on the hand grip and yippeeee were away.

no holes no perm fixings.

Fingers Xed

I will take pictures as I do it and vid the results (good and bad)


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