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Active flying


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I was recently flying in France, without my head-cam on. I wanted some photos/videos so decided to be a little naughty and low fly a winding river, with really steep sides, that ended in a small dam. With my phone in my left hand the only option was to put all my weight left and use right brake. It worked quite well, a bit like active flying in slow motion as it takes longer to lean or not lean!

Video a little shaky as a result!




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That might do it... the wing might hang-up on the trees and keep me upright even if I still ended up taking a dip.
I have instinctively (cold water) attempted to breath in with my head under water on two separate occasions when taking an inadvertent dunk and its tough to get your breathing back under control after that.
Not sure I would survive without floatation so I would take any chance I could get my hands on :)

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I am an ex competition swimmer! I once dived into Plymouth harbour in late May while waiting for a ferry. Now that was cold. Take a deep breath before hitting the water and hold it, even when the ice cold hits. It takes about 30 seconds for you to regain control of breathing. I have an Agama.

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