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Finding a field to fly from?

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It's a situation many of us have. Trying to find a field. At the end of the day farmers use fields to make money.

Of the 4 local farmers around me, 3 have given a flat no. The 4th is far more reasonable and suggested a small field I could use. Problem is it's right next to a paddock that has horses in it. I suggested that together we saw how the horses reacted to the motor and some kiting.

They were fine with the motor, the wing caused them to run around like headless chickens even when about 50m away. As a result it was a no go. A real shame.

I did use a friends field a couple of times, but it was small, with a bit of a slope and now has horses in it. OK for  very particular wind directions. I ended up having to land in a next door field without permission once due to a wind direction change whilst in the air. Luckily no crops had germinated so no harm done.

I've also tried local airfields. One said "no 2 strokes" - I almost told him I had a four stroke just to see if it was an excuse. One said that he had had too many paramotors being idiots (low flying, pissing off neighbours etc) to risk it again. I managed to get to see him face to face and he was fine. Big issue was the runway was a narrow strip with a high hedge down one side and crops the other. Totally dependent on the wind being in the perfect direction for not just take-off but also landing.

I've got two more local options to explore, but it is hard.....

The USA lot have no idea how lucky they are - one with FAR103 and federal land, and also just having SOOOOO much space.



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The farmer who lets me use a field has horses in the field next to where I fly. He says they are fine and will not be bothered. They sometimes used to dash to one end of their field, but now they seem to have got used to me. However, his cows like me and make setting up really difficult as they want to be petted on their noses!

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As a potential newbie to the sport is there any regulations in the UK around where you fly from? ie would you be allowed to do it from a large public park for instance?, i have one near me that has several football pitches that are rarely used for instance, or would i have to seek out private land?

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19 minutes ago, weegaz22 said:

would you be allowed to do it from a large public park for instance?

I would be very cautious about annoying people
Avoid places that folks might get all territorial about (finely manicured parks etc) we are highly visible and make easy targets for busy-bodies to make a big fuss about.
If you have a "common" or a bit of open and scruffy land, it is unlikely anyone will bitch unless you piss them off by flying over/near their house/property too often/to closely.
Be stealthy and super polite :) 

Airspace knowledge is essential... get that wrong and CAA is likely to land on you like a ton of bricks!
With some of the things that have gone on in the drone world, they might be itching to make a big example of people who get it wrong!

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30 minutes ago, alan_k said:

Legally you need land owners permission.

I would obviously ask land owners for permission if it was a requirement to seek out private land, I had just wondered if there were any regs on prohibiting doing it from public land in the UK, I've seen a few american videos where they seem to have plenty of places to launch from and just wondered if we had anything regulating us, Eg; must be flown from an airfield etc

I'm near Glasgow, so will be looking to start off doing some paragliding with Cloudbusters after my holiday Sept weekend, did wonder about grabbing a well worn wing for some ground handling practice and wondered if i'd be able to do it down the local park that's got 14 footy pitches on it and some land off to the side, but might just do the course and practice with Peter at his practice area, his course covers regs and weather subjects so would find out once i start but just thought I'd ask seeing as there was a subject already kinda talking about it.

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