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Recommend a complete radio and airband setup without special cables?

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I'm getting a bit overwhelmed with radio stuff because it appears that cables and connectors are not standardized, which is frustrating because in the consumer audio world everything just works with a 3.5mm audio plug.

  • I've got a normal pair of in-ear headphones that seal really really well. 3.5mm plug. I will not get an over-the-ear headset.

  • I fly with an Android smartphone with bluetooth.

  • I need an airband radio (108 - 137 MHz, with 108–117.95 MHz split into 200 channels of 50 KHz)

  • I have a Baofeng GT-3TP UHF radio for pilot-to-pilot communication (not airband obviously) but that takes a stupid two-pronged connector. It has a 136-174 and 400-520 MHz range.

  • I've got a Sena SMH10R but I'm completely ok with selling it if it means I don't have to deal with proprietary connectors or being unable to communicate with others who don't have Sena.

Can anyone recommend a complete and affordable VHF and UHF radio setup so I can be up and running with what I've got? I'm thinking Bluetooth might just be the answer here?

I'll need to have at least two radios - an airband to broadcast my position, and another one (UHF or Sena) for general comms between friends I'm flying with. And a way to switch between the two or to listen in on both at the same time.

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Forgive my ignorance shouldn't you need a licence for the non airband radio too as I recall from when I was young ( before the mobile phone thing happened) me and my friends all had cb s both normal FM and midblock and technically we should of had licences for those we never did but we were aware of the radio hams and all their equipment and that all needed exams as well as licencing. Has this all changed?  Would it not be easier to use the legal no license required (I think it's 49Mhz) walkie talky things you can buy from most online retailers like Amazon and eBay ect. They have a few mile range and several channels.  Seems to me to be the cheapest and most legal and easiest solution at least for inter friends communication.

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That's interesting, I didn't know that Simon.

@Ben Butler  A lot of people have tried the license free radios and to be honest they aren't very good. They are on UHF at 446MHz btw.

The problem with a lot if not all hand held radios is that the microphone sensitivity is designed for the radio to be held about 8-10 cm away, with a paramotor clattering away directly behind you that is very easily picked up. With a close miked headset pilots tend to shout a little and the resulting speech is often unintelligible. I have reduced the mic sensitivity on all the radios I use.

The 446MHz radios are also in the hands of every Tom, Dick and Harry (read kids) and finding or keeping a free channel is nigh on impossible, as in reality there are only 8 channels.

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