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Safety Info video - and Skye Cuillins

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Hi guys, just done a video I've been meaning to do for a while about safety equipment, and emergency services.

maybe there's something in there you don't know ?


And I'm just back from Scotland where I got some nice flights in. Here's one over the Cuillin mountains in Skye.



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Great video thanks, I have the 3 words now installed!

From a tools a carry a few zip ties and tape plus a small wing bag as a long walk beats risking some equipment damage due to bodge.

Maybe if I was 1/2 way up a mountain it would be different.

Having seen your close encounters with fast jets in Scotland I also now carry a strobe and am looking at somthing to ping my position, I think these are getting more afordable.

Thanks again, videos are stunning and I will be in Inverness in December for New year but suspect will not be flyable.


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20 minutes ago, powerlord said:

Dave: yeh I carry a stuff sack. forgot to video it. I've had some nice flights in the snow in december - sometimes you get lovely clean blue skies - just make sure you wrap up.

Steve: you not flying paramotors now then ? 

Ha, should have put a question mark after that sentence. :-) I was looking for a weighty Bailey in the videos and all I saw was a lightweight two stroke. ;-) 

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haha. yeh best thing I ever did getting that air conception. touch wood - that's 2 1/2 years with no broken props, no nasty falls or heavy landings. I had light(ish) weigh pap top80 before but I was always running like buggery to take off in low wind. The air conception is definately the  best paramotor I've ever had - everything is just a damn site easier when you've a comfortable light paramotor on yer back, but the power is there to take off quick.

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