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wants to join and explore nepalese sky

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Its Avinash from Nepal. I was through Facebook and I saw paramotor in a video clip.

I was interested in this kind of things but I never saw paramotor.i knew about paragliding from high hills like in Pokhara.

When I saw paramotor I was thinking to get into and I was looking for further I found  this club.

I want to fly in my sky. Its hard for me to go Pokhara to fly. Its expensive too for me .

I m thinking to get training and make a parameter's club in my place and fly in the sky.

If it can happen please tell me how can I get my dream,  want to leave here and be with my family.

Now I m working in Qatar for a company.


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You are asking a lot of yourself there... not impossible "if" you are good at long term plans.

Get some training and you will soon see if you are likely to become addicted to the sport, if the sport gets under your skin, then come hell or high water, you will make it work driven forward by your addiction for flight :)

Not everyone has an affinity to explore the full envelope of the sport to the extent of becoming very proficient but you do look young enough to be one of those who may eventually be very proficient.

Concentrate on getting your feet off the ground "then" re-calculate the dream from there :)

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Thank you Blackburn Mark to replying me.

I would like to learn to fly . On September I m Going T Nepal on a annual vacation from company for 2 month.

Do I have to join any school or collage to get certificate for fly?

Or I can get any book to self study?

Do I need to buy my own paramotor to learn?

Or I can get from trainer?

Is there anybody in Nepal you can consider me to contact with?


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I don't know the laws in Nepal or any schools or school practices.
Schools tend to provide equipment.
There is no end to study... plenty to be found online.

Rules tend to be quite relaxed for foot launched flight compared to other forms of flight but teaching yourself is asking for trouble that can often be avoided.
Paramotoring is a very simple form of flight but if you get it wrong, the consequences can be very expensive and that is if you are lucky enough not to hurt yourself.

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Thank you simon ,😊

When I go to Pokhara

I will go  Mountain hawk aero sports club 

I may can find Karan there. I hope I can know the answers of  what I have questions about paramotoring from him .

On September I m going Nepal.

This year I cant start my training . I should come back to Qatar to support my family.

Hopping next year I can pay my loan and I will have enough to get training.

then who will stop me to being the bird.🤔

You guys help him to find his dream and now his turn to help me 😍


Thank to all of you to help Karan to achieve his dream. 

I appreciate it.

Thank you  Norman to believe and understand Gurkhas. 

I m very humbled to see on you the love and respect towards Nepalese. 

One day we all will get together and fly in Nepal.

Lots of love



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