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It would have taken quite a large reserve to bring that much weight down safely?

I wonder what their altitude was at the moment the connection let go?


I didn't see a reserve anyway in the video.   Did you?

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This is so sad.   6 seconds of sheer terror.

If they were approximately 500 feet (152 meters) in altitude, their approximate velocity at impact would have been ~ 55.7 m/sec or 200 kph

(163 ft / sec,....117 mph)

Adjusted for drag on the wing......maybe 100mph at impact


At 300 ft (91 meters).... 4.5 seconds to impact.....Impact speed approx 85 mph (135 kph)


At 200 ft (61 meters).....3.6 seconds to impact......70 mph (112 kph)

As you can see,  there is not much time to react regardless.   And it only take about 2 seconds to reach deadly velocities in a free fall




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