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Ozone Mojo Pwr Trims


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Hello - I fly a medium Mojo on an e-start Nitro 200. Perfect setup for me as I am 185-190 lb and am only interested in lazy flying and cross-country stuff. I have been flying PPG for just at 1 year now and absolutely love it. 

The issue I have is with the trims on my Mojo. Granted, the Mojo is an awesome beginner wing and therefore the trim range is pretty limited (by design I assume). I consistently takeoff with the trims about 3/4-1" out, which works perfectly. The problem I have is that when I let the trims out in flight they are ridiculously difficult to pull back in as I set up for landings or slow speed maneuvering. I have to pull very hard and at the same time try to raise up a bit in the seat to take pressure off the trims if possible. Plus, when I do manage to pull them in, the little grub teeth on the spring clamps of the risers don't bite into the fabric of the trim straps if that makes sense. In other words, the trim straps can easily (and often do) slip in the spring clamps, which increases landing speeds (have to be prepared to run them out). Additionally, on launches one side or the other will slip as the wing starts pulling causing the wing to inflate unevenly forcing me to make a correction during the launch run. Do you have any experience with this on the Mojo and if so (or not) do you have any recommendations for trying to resolve it? 

I feel like I have 2 issues: the amount of pull I have to give the trims to bring them back in, and the lamp of clamp pressure to prevent the trims from slipping.


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I'm also on a Mojo PWR (26/medium).   I've been flying since April on a Scout and weigh about the same as you. 

I always launch with the trims all the way out.    I wouldn't mess with setting them in between since they're not very long.  Just in or out is fine IMHO.   I don't have any problems pulling them in while in the air, and I don't have massive upper body strength.  When I started, I grabbed each with both hands 'cause I thought it was going to be tough.   But now I just grab one at a time with my left hand and I don't have any problems.  I'm right handed and my throttle is in my right hand.

Mine also have never slipped.

Are you trying to do them together or one at a time?


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Hello LOZ and thanks for the message. 

I am right handed but I throttle with my left on the Nitro 200 (learned that way from training).  I have been pulling the trims in one hand at a time and generally with my right hand in this case.  Perhaps the greatest deterrent to me letting the trims out is I know that pulling them back in will be pretty much useless since the spring clamps won't bite in leading to slippage. 

You do make a really good point in regards to the Mojo's trim range and just flying with the trims out all the time.  The range is maybe 3 to 3-1/2 inches, which likely doesn't result in a major difference in ground speed, launch or landing runs.  This is probably what I will end up doing for now on.  A solution to the slippage issue, short of replacing the spring clamps, is to sew in a few "bar tacks" along the trim straps.  This was suggested to me by one of the reputable wing repair facilities here in the States and I also saw a video of Kyle O'Glee doing just that.  It provides enough of a "speed bump" along the riser strap for the grub teeth on the spring clamp to dig into.  Here is Kyle's video with him talking about trims slipping beginning at 2:13 - Kyle O'Glee - Trim Slip Solution

I envy you with the Scout!  That is a fantastic machine.  Can't imagine how smooth it must be.  Tucker's recent Iceland 2019 videos really do a lot for showcasing Scout equipment.

Thanks again


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Hey Bell, if you're pulling them with your dominant hand one at a time, you really shouldn't be struggling that much.  Yeah, you got to put a little muscle into it but you don't need rockin' biceps to do it.   I attached a hi-res photo of my Mojo trimmer (set halfway) for you to compare to see if something is obviously wrong with yours.

You might also just have defective clamps.  If you bought the glider new, I'd suggest contacting Ozone.  Also note that if you've been regularly flying the glider for a year and want to fly it a bunch more, then an annual inspection could be warranted and they could fix your clamps as part of the process.

I also saw KyleO's bar tack video...good stuff.  If you've got the sewing skills, it couldn't hurt to throw some in. I just tried positioning my trimmer on my wife's sewing machine and it's going to be pretty tough to get a bar tack in so close to the tail.  Good luck with that.

Yep, I'm loving my Scout.  I'm glad I went that way.  I was actually just flying it this week with one of the guys who was on that Iceland trip with Tucker.  He was just gushing about how amazing it was there...I'm super jealous.  I need to get my skills up so I can join one of Miro's Iceland adventures in the future. 


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