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Niviuk Link Trim for Launch


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Hi all, I have a new, to me, wing (Niviuk Link), which so far I’ve only been in conditions for a forward launch.

On a forward launch with little to no wind I’ve had the trims at their mid point, which has been perfectly fine. With nil wind I’ve got off the ground easily.

I did some kiting recently in stronger winds and practiced some reverse launches. I found that I had to have the trims all the way out otherwise it just wanted to fall back very quickly (even in 8-10mph with trims half in).

Anything I could be doing wrong? Will this be ok getting off the ground/is it normal? Anyone else with a LINK, what trim settings are you using?

Previously on an EZ Lift, never had to adjust trims in either condition...

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I haven't flown the niviuk wings, although my instructor here in Australia David Wainwright sells them and won icarus on one.

I am surprised it is any different to the apco lift ezy to be honest...there isn't that much difference in the wing rating.

I have a Dudek Universal (A/B rating). I don't usually have to let trimmers out at all launching that wing in light conditions up to about 10knots (obviously I'm reverse launching in anything over about 5 knots). In any case, your launch trimmers settings in lighish conditions should be similar to the apco and my wing I would have thought.


Can I ask, what ppg unit do you fly? Have you checked you brake line lengths on that new wing for the ppg unit you are flying? Perhaps the hang points require brake lines to be lengthened slightly on that wing? (This shouldn't be an issue but you should always check with a different wing in any case to make sure you are not launching wing with brake engaged...or just in case someone else has altered them)

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Thanks both, I'm flying an older low hang point but the brake lines have been checked and are fine. I've been very conscious of making sure I've not been using any brake on launch too just to check.

Other than this it feels wonderful in the air without issues but I'm starting to think you're right and there might be some shrinkage somewhere.

Going to send it off for a service...

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