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Paramotors and Engine Choice for beginner


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Hoping to be fully qualified next year. Going to try and resist the temptation to buy anything until then, but I'd like to keep an eye on 2nd hand prices so I have an idea of what I'm looking at when the time comes. Initially I'm thinking get a new wing and 2nd hand PM.

I think I want a parajet. They seem in demand and sellable, and dont seem much more expensive than others. On top of that I hear good things about customer service.

So I can keep an eye on prices and availability, I'm 85kgs and would be hoping to pair with a dudek universal (I'll add another thread for that)

From what I can tell the most popular engines will be an atom 80 or a Moster 185. Am I right in thinking that one is not powerful enough, and the other is maybe overkill?

Is there a better choice somewhere in the middle?

If buying used, are there any options I need to be aware of, such as left/right hand throttle, clutched/clutchless, hangpoints, or is all this stuff either standard and/or changable after the event? And do they come in one size of harness, or is that something else I'd need to pay attention to?

I'm also a little confused by the differences between the Zenith, Volution and Maverick. Is either of these either preferred or unsuitable for a beginner.

Thanks in advance.

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Chaps I think each owner has a bias to his choice so here is my bias feedback :)

Parajet V3 is a sky tank and whilst a bit heavier than the others is super tough.

I do also have a Scout but actually the V3 harness is great and for me more comfortable.

I watched students butt landing, lifting legs and grass cutting with the V3 and it just takes it.

Im also around your weight, 88kg and the Moster engine works great.

The torque steer is really minimal and I love the power to get off the ground quick.

I do fancy the light weight Mavic but really cant get a 3rd past the other half ;)

Ultimately for me the strength of the V3, quality of build makes up for the extra 5kg.

I read a lot around engines but the Moster is easy to maintain, and you must, and does deliver the push you want for short runs and good climb.

Good luck and happy flying.


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PLEASE don't buy anything until you have been trained. I did and I paid many times over in wasted time , money and failed launches!!! It's really frustrating not having your own gear but wait until you know what you need....not what someone will sell to you or looks "nice". We are all different and what suits pilot A may be totally unsuitable for pilot B. Hang in there and buy the right gear the first time.

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