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Flying Over the Pyramids of Egypt - Anyone interested?

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You can now literally fly over the Pyramids!  

Taking place in Giza Pyramids, Egypt [SEPTEMBER 5th - 10th, 2019]

Enjoy From-the-air-tour of the Giza Plateau at the year’s biggest paramotor flying festival. With Dabuka you can book your Paramotor Flying ticket above the Pyramids, and take part of Egypt's biggest air-games Festival in September 2019.

Book your adventure today, and participate in one of those life events you will never forget. Email: service@dabuka.de,  Skype: dabuka

Hurry up, only 5 seats remaining... reserve yours today!

Price: $180 + Entrance fees


  • All equipment and gear.
  • Qualified tandem master.

Flight Schedule:

  • Morning Flights between at 9 am, 10 am & 11 am.
  • Afternoon Flights at 3 pm & 4 pm.
  • The experience is 30 mins, including safety instructions & getting ready.
  • Airtime is a max. of 15 mins.
  • Exact flight time depends on weather conditions.

We can also organize for your a round trip in Cairo / Alex / Fayoum... and many other places around Egypt!



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Anyone considering this should talk to me first. I have unfortunate feedback from this (after considering a PMC trip there) 

I don't want to publicise the name here, but everyone knows the person. Happy to chat via PM. 

I am not trying to make your mind up, just I would feel a tit if I said nothing. 



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