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Post training exercises and things to do

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So, I've completed my training and can confidently get in the air and land without issues.
I've had practice with navigation and have done a couple of XCs. I'm constantly trying to improve my launches in different conditions and working on landing accuracy.

As much as it's enjoyable being up in the air seeing the views and taking in the feeling of flying, I don't want to "waste" my time and not improve.

What suggestions do you all have for things to practice? I'm not talking "big ears" or anything that I should be talking to an instructor about.
I'm looking for suggestions around landing patterns, accuracy, drills to practice in flight, turns with/without power, etc, etc to try and improve my flying and not just "float around"

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Not sure where  you trained but Big Ears was a part of my training and is a relatively simple method of losing height (as opposed to B-stalls) Did you do asymetric stalls ? Its another fairly straightforward excercise that gives you confidence in your wings desire to fly

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