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Remote camping W/ paramotor W/ dogs

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So I'm new to paramotoring and I am trying to set my sights on what I want to do. If this is a no-go then it would be cool to know that, and also, why it's a no-go.

I am a 200LB 6'1" guy (I'm fairly fit). I have two dogs, whom I cherish, one weighs about 50 lbs, the other, about 40 or so. Went to college to learn to weld and I am an experienced fabricator. Experienced mechanic, electrician, etc. 

What I *want* to do is to be able to go remote camping with my two dogs, via paramotor. I live in the desert, and the possibilities are endless. A trike seems almost too good to be true, if I could do it. So, me, 200 lbs, pups, 100, and gear, 100? Is that doable? Dogs will have earpro and eyerpo and will be harnessed in. The last consideration would be, I might not have a lot of "runway". Do trikes need a long runway. This is why I stopped considering gyrocopters, they need too much runway. Of course I reckon scouting the runway is a prerquisite for landing, don't land where I can't take off from.

Cacti. "Oh crud, I did't see that cluster of Chollas!" if I get a wing full of cacti, will that destroy the wing? How durable are wings, there can be many things to snag when landing and it hits the ground. 

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