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stoke newbie

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hi all,

after bungie jumping, greenlaning on ktm.s doing a couple of enduro's, starting mountain biking, and then getting knocked off my brand new ducati 1098, i have decided to join the world of paramotoring!!,

got my first intro day next week on the paraglider and hope to get some serious lessons in over the next few weeks!!.

im a heavyweight at 18st (( all muscle of course!! NOT......)) and would welcome suggestions at wing / motor bearing in mind my pie eating tendancies!!

im currently looking at the parajet macro?? but have no idea on wing... dont want to be toooo beginnery if i can help it, so i dont have to get a new one afetr a few months.

anyone local to me that fancies getting out once im trained is more than welcome, the kettle is always on here... or i have a flask in the back of the motor!

thanks all, and some of those vids in the vid section are awesome man... inspiring to say the least!!!!

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Before ruling out wings as being too beginnery .. I should get a few hours in on a school wing or two. Modern DHV1 rated wings are pretty good, significantly better than performance wings of not that long ago! A DHV1 wing will see your through your first 100+ hours of flying and still keep a smile on your face. Even if you upgrade to a "performance" wing, its still useful to have that DHV1 wing for rough days.

Believe me, when you are up at a couple f thousand feet and it gets bumpy, and you start to worry as you get tossed about a bit .. you'll be mighty glad to be on a nice safe wing.

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"Bumpy" --- what!!!i guess i wasnt prepared for that!!!,

does bumpy ever mean reserve chute time???

ok... i should have learnt my lesson from snowboarding.. got my self a nice shiny inter board and pooped my pants.

advice taken and respected!!.

anyone recommend a good "safe" wing for a 115kg bloke?

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In my view ( and I expect a mixed response to this but.......)

Modern Reflex Wings are the wing to use for learning to paramotor and paramotoring.

I teach with a Paramania Revolution and I fly a Paramania Revolution.

Happy to chat about this any time... please call.


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well, this pie-devouring and lard sandwich afficionado16 stone 8 in the nip (whatever that is in new money) enjoys a Gin Bolero Plus size XL (with subsequent power risers). DHV1, very forgiving and easy to manage, very,very stable, and the weight range if fine for your weight (speissed on to give I suppose 148 kg all up or thereabout?) Not the sexy reflexes I know but hey, it does the business just fine (and is pretty good for hill PG for an occasional tree hugger)

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