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Club in west midlands?

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Hope you’re well 
I’ve just come across this website and there seems to be a great network here. I’ve done some training with Paramotors, but I’m not confident to take it out on my own. I did a paramotor course in Spain and also did a paragliding course at Airways. I was wondering if there’s any groups that get together in or near Walsall that can help and support to get better and confident with practise. 

Hope to hear back from you

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Hi mate I don’t know of anything local. I travel to market harborough to train and fly. It’s about 1hr 15 mins travel. I don’t have a friend with a field in Tamworth but we’re both still in training and couldn’t give any tuition/guidance really. 

I train with CM Paramotors and he often gets people who have trained elsewhere needing a little more help. It’s a great club and worth the journey. 

You could give him a call and chat see how he’s fixed. Clive 07729 783989 

I’ve done 13 flights now and I’m happy to go out alone if there’s nobody else at the field so I can vouch for Clive’s tuition. He’s really nice and very helpful. 

Have you flown anywhere else local or not?


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I have done flights at Ashbourne and Crewe.. I thought I might be able to find something closer to Walsall


I have done 8 flights, I'm not confident enough to go out alone yet 


I will give Clive  a call and see if he can offer some tuition, is his tuition group based or individual? 

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He ought to be able to help. 8 flights isn’t much to be confident enough alone really. 

Its a very relaxed tuition, you go to the field when you can make it and there’s usually a handful of people about most of which will go off flying. Everyone’s really friendly and helpful too. 

You could try Clive now he’s always available but works during the day. I imagine he’s at the field now they were planning to go. 

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2 hours ago, richjones said:

Finding somewhere Walsall/Wolverhampton would be great. I’m trying to get a field near Cannock Chase but I’m in Walsall and Wolverhampton daily. 

Yea your right. Its hard to find good place in Walsall. Arboretum park is very big - and its empty. I contacted the council, about using paramotor. They never heard about paramotor lol. After explaining, they said they would get back to me. but no reply :(

ps- is it must to contact the people in charge for paramotoring in public park

see attached - size of the park

Arboretum Map V3.pdf

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Penkridge seems promising. Farmer very approachable and let us look around his land. There’s several fields mostly used for crops but he’s willing and says we could move around. Best bet may be his motocross field as it’s grass all the time. 

We will need insurance. 

He’s checking with his insurance if it’s a problem because he knows nothing about paramotoring. 

He’ll want money which is reasonable. Not sure how much. 

Watch this space🙂

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10 minutes ago, Richard Leishman said:

Hi ma001, 

Didn't we meet on the field at Clives? Come have a flight with us in Tamworth.



Hi Richard

Yes we did meet at Clive's, really appreciated the help you provided me on the day.

Yes I would love to come have a flight with you, if you dont mind



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