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Miniplane ABM Paramotor, Top 80 15 HOURS! with APCO Sport Wing Powered PPG

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Here's my Powered paragliding setup that I have decided to sell for health reasons. This is a Miniplane ABM with a Top 80 that has 15 hours on it...YES, you read that right...15 hours. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. it is as-new with ZERO damage. Starts right up and runs flawlessly. I always ran 100 octane AV gas with no ethanol and used Amzoil. It has a T2HA carbon fiber prop that I put on about three flights ago...it is absolutely new. I weigh 195 pounds and this Paramotor flies amazing. It climbs out nicely and sips fuel. 
 Now about the wing. It's a APCO Sport Large that is a "B" rated wing. It is a true beginner wing that is very forgiving and flies nicely. It's not a fast wing by any means, it's a slow safe wing. Note that it has a manufacture date of January 2009. This wing has less than 20 hours flight time on it...SERIOUSLY...it's crisp and has NO damage or repairs. NO line nicks. I realize that it is an older wing so I'm not expecting for it to have a lot of value. It's a good flyable wing or a great kiting wing if that's what you want. Included in this deal is a kiting harness wind sock and pole and a stuff sack. 
Asking price is $2500 shipped, PM if interested.  Thanks for looking!
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