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I am new to the sport and am very interested. I have been looking around at different brands and I stumbled across the Parajet Maverick EOS 150. I was wondering if this motor would suit me as I am only 135 lbs. I do plan on keeping this motor for a while as possibly doing tandem flights in the future. Originally I was looking at the Top 80 motor but the EOS 150 is cheaper on Parajet's  website. I only have about 10k to get into the sport including trading costs. I was planning on getting the Mojo Per wing as it looks like a good starter wing and there are a couple training spots around me (I live in Iowa). If there is a different motor you would suggest under 5k, I would be very interested in hearing about it. 

One more thing, while I was looking for training, I found Flightjunkies trading with Kurt. I'm not sure if the Fresh Breeze motors are a good choice either. Please let me know if you have an opinion about this idea. 

Thanks for any help!

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Buying the correct set up depends on allot of variables.. 130lbs is light but the 150 will not be enough to tandem with imo... also tandem in your low hours is not advisable.. 


There are more options out there than the two you have posted... Not sure how far you are away from Matt Minyard Paramotor louisiana but give him a call, He is a dealer for Parajet, Pap, and my Favorite Mac fly.. 

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Ian it's a small world half my family live in Fort Dodge but i'm UK British, all i'll say is do your homework and be very weary of the likes of Capt Fister and Super Dell, if possible before buying any equipment find local fliers and just go for a chat.

Over here we're very friendly and possibly expect same over your side of the pond, don't be in a rush to buy anything seek training and gain advice through them and existing fliers, you can easily spend lots of money if you get it wrong and will.

Motor choice has numerous factors like flying style and intended use xc's etc ?

So do as you are and ask around get as much information until your happy and then if ready make hopefully the right decision.

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