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Easy radio set up for a 2m radio

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I have recently had a custom radio harness made for me by Steve Kwan of www.oseillc.com and thought I would share the info here just in case it was useful to anyone else.

The harness was made for a TYT TH-UVF8D radio which has a Kenwood jack, there is a finger tip press to talk button on one branch of the harness, and a noise cancelling mic on the other with a headphone jack to connect your own headphones. There are two clips with the kit that I have (since taking the pics) used as fail safe clip for the mic (attached to the helmet) and to secure the harness to my clothing. 

The mic is removable and can be stuck to any ear protectors (via a neo magnet), and as long as you use in-ear headphones, they can be tucked inside. Its a nice easy setup for pretty much any helmet. Let me know your thoughts!


Pictures shown below (excuse the mug!). 

Comms b.jpg

Comms a.jpg

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