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Who knows what the requirements are for insurance if I become a paid up PMC member?

I'm new to paramotoring, I haven't had training from a "school" but have had training from a local experienced pilot. I'm 6 flights in and continuing to be trained by him until I'm comfortable.

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I have just noted this (below) from the T's and C's, this is a fairly standard way to insure an 'aircraft' for any entitled pilot. 

If you have a mate with the AXA policy, you can ADD another wing to that policy and fly in with insurance. :-)




Please remember that we need the serial number of your glider – or of the main canopy/wing if a parachute - to activate 3rd party liability insurance. Due to aviation regulations 3rd party liability insurance cover is bound to the glider/wing as stated in the policy. Therefore other pilots who are entitled to use the glider/wing are also covered."



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42 minutes ago, admin (Simon W) said:

I think they are doing renewals but no new policies unless this has changed recently? 

@noddyc did you have it before, or did you take out a new policy, if so.. when? 



I took it out last year around September.

I contacted the PMC insurers and they told me that it did not cover Spain. 

I am now covered for South Africa as well. 

Have a full SAHPA licence witch covers me third party as well

When I got my new wing, I told them and they added it. It also covers me free flying that wing : (£5) document change cost

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On 04/06/2019 at 18:49, Paul Mockford said:

AXA still do it?

Thought thru Clive you are a qualified BHPA pilot ? to which your covered insurance wise.

So if you've got a free bottle of wine :D not that i do not owe you beers already for transport services 9_9

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