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Just now, M4ll3t said:

It’s anazing that after visiting aviator PPG IN the star who have a fabulous customer focused attitude that A uk company as PARAJET couldn’t give a damn to those based in the UK!!

Piss poor attitude to those in the UK !! Quicker anf cheaper to order spares on the UK then direct to parajet in the UK!!!

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PARAJET... fabulous design TERRIBLE CUDTOMER SUPORT!!.. better service if bought from the US!! I could get a new net and prop faster from then US then ordering from the UK... buy Bulldog or SCOUT!!!. Better customer focus!!!!!

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I could guess at who the OP is but i'm not putting up anyone's name, but i have personally heard of three individual people having had slow responses lately.

In one of the instances Clive Mason supplied the spares quicker than the person getting a reply from Parajet,and In another case after a couple of days trying Mako industries replied (i know its same company but don't know product section difference).

As British weather permitting pilots its easy to understand the speed we tend to expect to rebuild our flying machines.

So as an outsider it does make you wonder if it has got something to do with USA supply and demand currently going on.

I was always taught in business don't burn all your bridges so hopefully its just a minor blip and normal service resumes shortly. 



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