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Paramotor Specific First Aid Course

admin (Simon W)

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When you are flying with me, if you land in a tree, a river, land hard, break your leg, or hurt yourself in a far worse way, I will be able to help you to be as painless as possible, I will know how to reassure you, I will know how to keep you and the people around you calm. Hey I may even just know how to save your life!

As a part of my Paramotor Training Course I run a Firat Aid day specific to Paramotoring / Paragiding accidents. I am very aware that most pilots do not have to do this. I think that everyone should do it!

The course is free and will be taught by an Ex Army Medic,

Can you save the life of fellow pilot?

Please let me know if you would like to attend a free first aid course so that the horrible time that you need to know how to save a life... you will!

I asked this question before and was shocked to see the poor response, I expect the course to be held shortly after the Dartmoor Flight (so plan off for the end of August)

Come on guys and girls, its the responsable thing!

Please reply to this thread if you are interesed with your name


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Count me in Simon.

I broke my neck badly in a "hard planet vs human" accident 24 years ago. People knowing the right things to do (and the wrong things not to do) saved my life and, perhaps more importantly, meant my arms and legs kept on working.


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Hi Simon,

Can you run this course again?

I would like to attend this course for my own personal benefit but also

I need a First Aid Cetificate for my work and it needs to be as follows:-

1. Was of at least 16 hours duration.

2. Was of a Pass/Fail nature.

3. Included the standard Elementary First Aid elements.

4. Contained the diagnosis and management of spinal injuries.

5. Contained an Incident Management element.

6. Contained a Casualty Management element.

Item 4 and 5 should ideally involve ‘Remote Location’ issues.

Is should also be an "HSE approved provider". Can the course you are offering be made to fit these criteria?

If so it would be extremely valuable to our industry as there are no paramotor specific courses on offer at present that fit the above criteria.

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count me in .Ive done a first-aid course for my work in the construction industry.and need to be brought up to date e.g refresher course. and if needed i want the knowledge to save someones life. FROM:0) LAWRENCE

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