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I'm learning/trying to interpret airspace charts and came across this.

"High Intensity Radio Transmission Areas
Fylingdales - Aircraft should not remain for more than one minute within 1.5NM radius up to 8000FT ALT"

Can someone tell me what this means, practically, for someone with a paramotor?

Original is here for ref: http://www.mantma.co.uk/pdf/eg_enr_6_5_1_1_en.pdf


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From the CAA's guide to VFR

High Intensity Radio Transmission Areas (HIRTA)
HIRTA are areas of defined dimensions within which there is radio energy of an intensity that may cause interference or damage to communications or navigation equipment and may be injurious to health. Pilots should be aware that these transmissions can give false indications on navigation and systems monitoring equipment; GPS is particularly vulnerable. Details of the major sites are listed at UK AIP section ENR 5.3 and are depicted on UK CAA Aeronautical Charts.
Reference to specific HIRTAs can be found in the ENR section 5-3-2-1/2 of the AIP.

I personally wouldn't, though it is only advisory (except for military, where I think it's mandatory). Given the RF energy being pumped out though, would you really want to risk it?

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