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Learjet at the Bore

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I've been meaning to ask if someone else saw the Learjet fly by at about 2,000ft above the Bore on the Saturday (it may have even been the Friday). I was flying towards the big meander at about 2,000ft from the West when this Learjet came rattling through in front of me - I presume it was descending to re-join Gloucester ATZ.  It was pretty close, Id say about 4-500 yards away. Someone else, who flies a Red Report Air (apart from Gary Smith), was to my left and may have witnessed it zoom through. No airprox or problem... just curious if anyone else saw it (it was chuffing fast). Sadly my camera was off at the time.

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32 minutes ago, admin (Simon W) said:

Someone 'other than you' mentioned this to me at the event also. Usefully, I can't remember who it was though lolol 



I meant to ask around whilst there but was too busy having fun.

I was innocently bumbling along when I saw a shadow on the ground moving bloody fast. Naturally I looked around me where I spotted the Learjet tanking along, but thankfully not on a converging course with me. It was a good few hundred yards away and I don't think it'd seen me, or the Report'Air to my left... but it was its speed that was the wakeup call. Had it been heading for one of us there would be literally nothing you could do. Mercifully these aircraft are normally operating much higher than we are.

A bit of a non-event but also a reminder that we are not alone up there.

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Forgot about that’ that was me Lee ‘ white Learjet thin blue strip down the fuselage ‘ ye it shot past and not much above me’ I new someone  was above and to my right . Thought one of us might get some turbulence / wake ‘ and did take hand full of riser in each hand and held on but was fine ‘ would of been good on gopro though .

cas .

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