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puplished pilot weight

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Ok I know this has been covered many times but can't seem to find a definitive answer to this simple question: do the 'max pilot weight' figures published in the manufacturers specs for a given motor refer to naked pilot or dressed, all gear (Exc reserve)ready to fly pilot? 

I'm not asking about thrust/power required etc, just how to interpret the info written in the manufactures specs

 ta y'all




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Weight for a motor or a wing, is always total weight of everything.

Weight for a wing is important as you don't want to be outside the rated specs.

Weight for a motor is only  guideline as you can comfortably, with experience, fly well over or under the listed weights.

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Thanks Andy

That's how i understood it as it's pretty obvious and i know published wing specs always include everything including the wing itself. It was just after a chat with someone who suggested motor specs may refer to body weight, leaving plenty of wriggle room for the manufactures.

Thanks for a definitive answer.

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Ref motor specs... 

I think experience also plays a part.  EG. I honestly think that a 95-100kg pilot can fly the ATOM 80 with good technique. 

The motor (max pilot weight) always seem to publish on the side of caution.... 75 KG blokes flying about on 250cc machines as I see it is just bonkers and totally unnecessary for your 'normal' pilot. 

My only real 'advice' try and fly before you buy if you can :-) 



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