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Suitcase Paramotor Flying Malaysia 2019

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So I have flown Malaysia before and opted for an expensive Fedex service to guarantee my motor arrival for the week of flying planned. This time, 2nd go around I feel more relaxed and prepared. Deciding to use the new Air Conception Nitro Split, which is basically a split frame version of a standard nitro paramotor. The big deal is, its just enough that it fits in a standard suitcase, it doesn't stand out, it doesn't get pegged as sports equipment and went straight on the plane no questions asked except that I have removed all li-po batteries from by luggage. I chose a pull start machine so it was a non issue. With a limit of 30-32kg depending who you spoke to, I was well in at 26kg all padded out with a spare prop included. This left me just enough to pack my Ozone wing in another bag and still be just in the 32kg allowance. 

I dropped in a couple of Tile app tracking devices, one in each bag and while not perfect, it was comforting to know that my bags were within range once we were up and flying on the 14 hour trip, so I knew at least they were onboard.

Everything went semi smoothly, my connecting flight I had not booked hold luggage and to do that last minute added £100 costs to the shortest part of the journey. Had I booked ahead it could have been £50, the Air Asia internal flight itself was £12 + £100 luggage, yes it is just like a RyanAir service.. Booking in the UK through a 3rd party I did not get any luggage options, so I knew it was going to be a hiccup along the route, sometime though, I find Malaysia pretty chilled out about luggage, it depends who you get.

Everything turned up good, still intact, even the wheels were still on my case, considering it was an Ebay purchase, I expected it would last one trip or even just one way. It managed the trip home and still has 4 wheels.

Soon I was in a hotel, building my paramotor up, ready for the first flights. I will link a couple of videos from youtube, I made these on my phone with Gopro quick so while not perfect it gives an idea of the flying fun to be had in Malaysia. Typical weather was gentle land breeze of uptown 5mph switching to a sea breeze by lunch time. This made for easy fairly smooth all day flying in 34-36c heat, the sea breeze made it a doddle to do stop and go, or land for a swim and carry on flying. The forecast from the UK was solid thunder and rain for 10 days. That was happening but about 10 miles in from the coast, we had bright sun everyday.


Flying along, I find some weak lift and hug the shoreline to fly some hidden coves and an abandoned hotel complex, using a little bit of power when needed and idling when the lift was there.



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The trip ends with a city flight through Kuala Lumpur. This is one I have done before but this year was a little different. It was a longer flight starting further out of the city and being my 2nd time I was more relaxed and noticed more lading options. A carefully decided route and check points kept things marginally safe considering the city flight through tall buildings. It was a 1 hour flight all in.


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