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Leeds looking to start in paramotoring

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Hi I have been looking in to moving over from paragliding to paramotoring (after a few years i never got totally comfortable on windy British hillsides :P ) and am trying to find if there are any groups or clubs doing this in the yorkshire / derbyshire area as obviously I will probably need some advice on where in the area this can be done. 

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I just registered so I could ask who you both trained (or are training) with?

I'm also in the Leeds/Brad area and have yet to start any training due to not being able to find any local clubs, flying sites, etc.  I don't mind traveling to do training, but after that I'd much rather be able to fly locally - and with other people!

I find it rather puzzling that West Yorkshire seems to be such a dead zone for PPG. Can anyone explain why this is? We've got rolling green countryside coming out of our ears, and untold numbers of fields, yet in my 43 years I can't recall seeing even a single PPG in the sky here.

If either of you find something, please do share it! :)


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Hi Mark

i trained with Paul Haxby. He is outside the  BHPA but is excellent. I would recommend him.

Paramotoring seems to be disapproved of in the North! Once trained it is easy to launch from the moors and beaches. You can probably find a local farmer who will let you launch/land but you will soon want to fly in other areas. 

 If you want to train within the BHPA try Dean Crosby. He is converting me to the light so I can paraglide from BPHA club sites

lets hook up once you are flying 




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I have been doing the conversion course with airways airports down at the bottom of Derbyshire, its about one and a half hours from Leeds. I choose to go the bhpa way as I already had the paragliding qualification so it seemed to make sense to just add the power rating onto that. Having been in one of the paragliding clubs i think they would potentially be a bit reluctant to let paramotors use their sites so finding places to fly is going to be the thing 

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