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Hi Paramotor Family

I trust you are all well.

Please can someone give me simple straight answer as I am not technical. I live in Belize, Central America and am the only paramotor pilot in our small country, so hopefully I'll get others into it.

Problem I have is I left my old radios back in South Africa. I imported a Yaesu FT-60 from the States. I can receive air traffic on common band 122.8 but I cannot seem to transmit on common airband to let air traffic know I will be in the air?

Is the FT-60 incapable of transmitting to air traffic? Is it only able to receive or is there an adjustment I need to do to be able to transmit?

Sincere appreciation for any answers provided.

Warmest regards


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It is Rx only on the bands which are not amateur bands.  Essentially its a pimped up Amateur dual band handle.

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