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climb rates top80 engine

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I recently have been having difficult taking off without the wing and paramotor sinking down very close to the ground on lift off then really climbing poorly. So I used a vario and at maximum rate of climb achieving only 150 fpm so my guess of a problem was correct.

I am currently checking the engine over as my compression test only gave 130psi max rather than the stated 150psi. This may be the problem.

Secondly I replaced my wooden prop with a newer one as I trashed the original. Originally I had a helix 1.10m which I have had repaired so will try that once the engine is rebuilt.

I have a Top80 with a 1.10M prop. I only weigh 65kg and fly a 25m WRC Dudek Nucleon. Hours on engine about 150 but new piston rings etc about 40 hours ago. Engine runs and start fine.

Before the lack of performance I thought I had plenty of power and a reasonable climb rate.

What rate of climb should I expect. Research tells me about 300fpm+

Your thoughts would be most appreciated.


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