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Skyflar Strobe


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I had some fun flying end of last week in Ampfing Germany from a small airfield.

Great sight to fly from but a couple of topic that may restrict future flying.

I must carry airband radio as all traffic is controlled, ok fair enough and useful to hear the other traffic so I know to look out.

Thursday had 2 flights in perfect weather with minimal other traffic at the airport.

Friday flying delayed due to some strong winds, 17-27kph with strong and irregular gusts.

By 3pm it was flyable but traffic was getting high and whilst the controller was very accommodating I could not help but feel a little vulnerable landing into 15kph winds on my super slow approach.

At no time was there any problem, local UL pilot very friendly bunch, but I decided at that time that I would fit a strobe to my Parajet V3 just to add some additional chance.

Its under 100 GBP and I don't expect to notice the strobe other than maybe late evening flying.

 I did look at the MicroAvionics but all the pics a have seen make it look a bit bulky.

Next job to model a bracket for the 3D printer to mount it on the cage.

Maybe its a bit of paranoia but for less than 200g I think its ok.



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I bought the skyflar and it’s great! I have it fitted to a V3, I drilled a hole in one section and bolted it straight on. I keep getting told it is very visible during most of the day.


the reality is if the other pilots are looking for other aircraft it will be visible.

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Thanks Andy, I found this and have a printer at home so will make the mount.


Not a fan of drilling my V3 (or sky tractor as I call it).

At some point it will be swapped over to my Scout so better to be able to remove.

I think we can only do our best to be seen, I seem to remember drilling this into my children!


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Yahoo it arrived today!

I did RTFM but still powered it up in the house, that sucker is mad bright!

Now mounted and really happy with my purchase, its super solid and setup really quick.

I will run it from a LiPo and keep the battery and switch in the Parajet V3 side pocket.

When its not so late I'll get some fit pics.


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