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Parajet Parts Delivery Terrible.

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After raving about how good I've found my Parajet Zenith Polini Thor 130, I have now found it's pitfall. On Monday I managed to get my propeller to just hit the side of the cage. I had to replace one spar, luckily I had a spare, I managed to repair the netting with an old bootlace, and two outer rings were slightly damaged, so I ordered new ones and repaired them for "careful" flying. I sent the prop off to James Davies and put my old spare on.

I rang Parajet on Tuesday morning, yes they had two outer rings in my colour in stock. I ordered them and paid by Bank Transfer. Received an email saying they had been posted and I should have them on Thursday at the latest. ALL GOOD. It's now Sunday and they still have not arrived. I have not missed the post, I've either been in, or if walking the dogs, my wife has been at home. I paid extra for delivery, why would they take so long and why would a salesman tell me they had been posted, when they obviously had not.

First bad experience with Parajet, but others in my club told me what they were like and not to expect them for a week. Luckily, I have managed to fly. But with damage to the outer rings, I could only do this by reverse launching so no pressure was on the ring with tight lines. If I had known they would take a week, I would have driven to the company and collected them. Anyone else had to wait a while?

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Sorry to hear about your damage, glad you're still managing to fly. Did you get a tracking number in case the fault lies with the courier/Post Office? 

I've always found PJ to be very reliable, they've never let me down in ten years. 

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Bl**dy UPS, there fault, not Parajet. When they came to deliver on Friday, part of the packaging was open; so instead of delivering and checking it was OK, they took it back to the depot where it was "officially" sealed with tape. Apparently drivers aren't allowed to do as it voids there insurance!!!

So then it had to be re-delivered back to me a few days later. Parcel was really well wrapped, huge box and lots of air bubble wrap to protect the two outer rings for my Zenith. I had flown with my repaired outer rings, but only by doing a reverse launch, so not to put pressure on the hoop. Just happened when the weather was great for flying. I would have driven down to collect knowing how long it took!!!

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I had two different V3 frames bent by UPS. It was both UPS and Parajet fault. The parts of the frame that stick out the most (where the net sections slot in) were bent out of shape. Despite me asking Parajet to wrap it better and/or change courier they did neither, so I got a second machine bent.

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