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Good to meet you at the field Magnus. I'm surprised the weather didn't play ball for you guys on the Sunday, I was parawaiting on a pennine for all of Sunday morning in nill wind with the odd thermal coming through. I was imagining you chaps having a whale of a time on the motors. Then around 3 I think the inversion was broken and some big old clouds started building. Then suddenly it was great conditions. Maybe by the time you got set up etc it was too windy?

All being well I should be buying / picking up a 2nd hand motor this Sat. Decided to up my efforts seeing as Paul's training machine was waiting for parts last time I heard. Will let you know.

Catch up soon guys.

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Great vid Matt. I am waiting to try my helmet cam but need to sort out all my ground handling first before I have to worry about something else to think about! Hopefully next weekend will be allow for some much needed airtime- 2 flights this year is pretty poor!

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Thanks guys.

The song is Movies by Alien Ant Farm.

First time I've tried editing stuff like this. I used Moviemaker which comes with Vista. It's actually really intuitive for a beginner and you can knock stuff together really quick.

One warning it was quite flaky until I applied Vista service pack 1 and it's been great since then.

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long time no speak- I have'nt flown for months how about you guys- went to the field on Saturday & had a very frustrating time & just could'nt get off the ground. The two other guys with me both wrecked their wings- bad day all round!

lets get together sometime?


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Hi, just noticed this post.

Serious lack of flying recently, either all the good weather has been mid-week or I have been going to weddings etc. etc. when the weekends have been good. I drove up from a wedding in Bournemouth a few weeks ago and all the way from the south coast to Manchester the sky was horizon to horizon with fluffy cumulus.

Just managed a couple of small hops on the motor, some of the guys at my free flying club have now got motors and all had their first flight from a dome shaped hill site we fly which is perfect as there is always a slope into the wind making those first takeoffs very easy.

Might ease myself in with some more free flying before trying the motor again. I also think there is a lack of netting on my cage so I'm going to add some before the next attempt.

Keep in touch guys and lets do some flying.

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