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Mark Pugh

29th March 2019

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WOW, has summer really arrived early? Three flights in one week!

I had a 50 minute flight on Friday, 29th March, launching at 16:25. Great little "bimble" at between 600 and 1300 feet. Great Alne, Aston Cantlow, Wilmcote, Billesley, Temple Grafton, Bidford-on-Avon, Broom, Ragley Hall, Alcester and back to Great Alne.

Where are the other local PPG pilots???


140 Bidford.jpg

160 Bidford Town.jpg

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One thing I learnt on this flight, it's no good tucking your new airband radio down your fleece front. I saw a helicopter hovering over Bidford and thought I'd give it a shout to make sure it had seen me. I was on the air-to-air frequency and he didn't respond, so I got the radio out from under my clothing, unlocked the keypad, changed to the helicopter air-to-air channel.... and he was already flying off towards Evesham. So I have now moved my flight deck around and added Velcro to the back of my radio. It will now always be there right in front of me. Now, where should I keep my old UHF???

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