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Fitting Ear Defenders to a Plusmax Helmet

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Does anyone on this forum have experience of fitting integral Peltor Optime III headphones to their Plusmax.  From the inside of the helmet, I can see some screw holes, but I am reluctant to remove the outer logo (and cannot seem to find out how) as I might damage the helmet.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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If the logo is the same as the front logo, it will come away without damaging the helmet. I used a small screwdriver to life a corner and it came away in two pieces, the logo itself and a plastic layer over it. There were no marks or glue left on the helmet.

There should be M6 threaded holes for the Peltor fixings. However, the helmet looks like one of the old type which were a bit of a smaller fit than the latest helmets, so I don't know whether there are any other differences. 

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