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Roger Godwin

Paramotor Servicing and Repairs. South Coast UK

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Hi guys.  I have purchased a used Ozone Infinity Paramotor with a Cisco Snap 110 Engine.  I live on the Isle of Wight and looking for contacts for Servicing and Repair in the South Coast.   Any help, advise or co facts would be appreciated.

Roger Godwin 07792854054

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How many hours do you have on the motor? 2 strokes need very little in the way of "servicing"  De-coke 60-100 hours belt tension or Gearbox oil change every 20-50...  If your really stuck and would like to learn how to do minor work feel free to give me a call on the Sussex Paramotors mobile number..

We won't be able to get the parts but if you order everything you need I would be happy to show you how to do the minor jobs to keep your machine in the air..  

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