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Ok here goes...!

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13 hours ago, richjones said:

After 3 trips of about 100 miles each I finally had everything laid out on a tarpaulin

Really impressed with the distance you carried your kit to be honest.  I can't even manage 100 metres :-)

My TO's are about 50/50 so that's pretty good, but it is great to keep a record and hopefully watch the stats improve.  Awesome - keep it up.


Getting close to one of the longest training threads.

I read over mine a few months ago and still brings back memories - all good too.

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4 hours ago, AndyB said:

Keep doing your "flog", it is always great to read. I am a little obsessed with recording flights as well. I used to record take-off and landing errors...but then stopped making any. In the past 18 months I have fallen onto my left knee once and failed no launches! Here is the last bit of my log.....

184 20-Sep-20     20 8316 138 36 Ac Nitro 200, R2 26m Redcar, got rained on, very, very wet 74 36 34 39
185 28-Sep-20     56 8372 139 32 Ac Nitro 200, R2 26m Milburn field 75 32 34 39
186 29-Sep-20     100 8472 141 12 Ac Nitro 200, R2 26m Tim's field Ladybower 77 12 34 39
187 01-Oct-20      60 8532 142 12 Ac Nitro 200, R2 26m Redcar 78 12 34 39
188 04-Nov-20     2 8534 142 14 Ac Nitro 200, R2 26m Redcar 78 14 34 39
189 04-Nov-20     5 8539 142 19 Ac Nitro 200, R2 26m Redcar 78 19 34 39
190 04-Nov-20     37 8576 142 56 Ac Nitro 200, R2 26m Redcar 78 56 34 39
191 06-Nov-20     36 8612 143 32 Ac Nitro 200, R2 26m Redcar 79 32 34 39
192     8612 143 32            
                 Nitro hrs     Tornado  
Flt no. Date            Flt length  Total mins Total hrs and mins     Kit Comments     Hours     Mins    Hours       Mins


Thanks I’m not planning to stop doing it.
That’s very similar to what I record. 
I look forward to not messing anything up 😁

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On 18/11/2020 at 17:31, richjones said:

Thanks I’m not planning to stop doing it.
That’s very similar to what I record. 
I look forward to not messing anything up 😁

No don't stop i enjoy reading them scared for forwards lol next time your stuck in the mud you can stay there 😛

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Got a reasonable window in the crappy weather yesterday.

I met Paul at Penkridge to see if it was going to be flyable with a forecast of 8/15. 

First thing we did is get stuck on the way into the field. Becoming a habit this is! We're able to roll back out of the gate so no worries.
So, we jumped in my van and went to find the farmer, see if he's got a different field. We didn't find him but left a message with someone at his house to say we'd blocked the gate and were going flying, just in case anyone turns up. I'm guessing the microlight club never fly in winter if they can't get in the field. 
Went back to the field and left a note on mmy screen with my number.

Once again it was 3 journeys to take our kit to the runway, this time not as far as wind was better. Just around 50 miles!
Knackered before we started!

No rush to set up, best way nice and relaxed. The wind direction wasn't ideal as it's a narrow runway and it was diagonal wind direction. Plan was to take off towards the smallest of the hangars and get up quick..... good plan? :S 
It was windy enough to reverse so there should be enough room to get up and turn before any issues, bearing in mnd reverse is less runing and more wind = quicker take off. If in doubt abort. 

As it turns out the wind changed almost straight down the runway just when we were ready to take off :D 
Paul got up OK, I always get a little uptight with reverse as I've only done a few but it was easy. Quick test lift of the wing to get it facing correctly and then I'm off. 

I tried to video a bit more and got a few take offs from the gound. Not an ideal camera angle but it's there. 
No landings as my cameras all went flat. Need to work out better filming but it's not a priority because I know I'm no paranoob ;) 

Our plan was to try and reach the Wrekin and then come back - a 30 mile round trip. With an 8mph wind there wasn't guarantee we'd make it but we went for it. Careful to avoid RAF Cosford airspace, we slogged into the wind for an hour. By the time we got over Telford we were heading into stronger wind and I was getting about 11mph ground speed. I was cold and ready to go back but I was nowhere near Paul. He turned towards me and I was going to signal to return but the bugger went back towards the Wrekin!
Eventually he came around again and we both signalled to go back. An hour to get there and 20 minutes to get back.
Shame we didn't make it, we got maybe 3 miles from the Wrekin but it's no fun fighting a head wind. Next time on a nil wind day.

We came in to land and the approach to the runway was a bit unpredictable - the field next door seemed to be pulling us down fast and it took a bit of engine revs to get to the runway without landing miles away, but once over the runway I cut engine and gently came down with a lovely landng on my feet. So much easier with wind. 

At this point we were freezing so we had a cuppa and sat in the car for a bit to warm up then went out again.
No plans this time, another easy reverse takeoff and we just went flying aroud the local area. Had a 40 min flight before I decided it was too windy for me as I was going so slow even though it wasn't scarily bumpy, also I hadn't eaten since breakfast, so I went back and landed. Dodgy approach with gusty wind and the windsock constantly changing meant I didn't get it right and went on my knees this time.

Packed away, had a post flight beer and a chat as the daylight left us and off home to watch the weather forecasts again :)

Takeoff quick video



We always have a beer after flying, it's become a ritual (or a habit!) so when I had some shelves put in my van I 3D printed some beer holders to clip onto the shelves just for the occasion :D 

Photo 22-11-2020, 10 39 05.jpg

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  • 5 weeks later...

I haven't flown for years!!

Back on 29th Nov Paul and I went to Wellingborough to fly with Pitt (aka ParaPigeon on youtube)
Shitty weather but we managed to get 3 short flights in staying low over the field.
Wind was mild but cangeable and caught us out several times on the takeoffs, changing just as we set up in one direction. Resulting in many failed launches that day (only 2 for me). I mangaged 2 out of 3 landings on my feet too which was nice :)

Then along came today. Perfect flying weather, not perfect ground...
I had a day off work, got ready and went to look at a park nearby but it wasn't in any way accessible - too many people about. Shame as it would be a perfect flying field. So I drove to Penkridge knowing I would struggle to get into the field in the van because of the mud,
The plan was to fly Penkridge to Tamworth where Paul was at work, land there, cuppa tea and fly back. Well.....

You know those days when you think everything is wrong, it's telling me not to fly.. maybe we should listen!

So, first I went to the field and got stuck in the gateway. Took me about 20 minutes and wedging a road sign under my tyre to get out. I went to the farmer to see if I could use a local RC flying field he has but it was a no.
He didn't have anywhere else I could fly so I thought I'd either unload by the gate and park i a nearby layby, or try reversing into the gate. I managed to just get inside enough to close the gate so it was all go :)

Three walks from the van to the airstrip and put everything out on a tarpaulin. By this time I had mud all up my legs. The field was like walking on a soaked sponge and each step just brought mud to the surface. Got all set up and wore my nice shiny new Ozee suit for the first time.
Clipped in and my engine cut out. Restarted and it cut out again. Ad again. No tickover.
Off it came, out with the tools, tweaked the low screw, turned tickover up, tightened throttle cable a bit. Eventually it ran and ticked over so I went for it.
Nil wind forward launch - I didn't need a fail here. I failed.
I ran and it was just hard. Felt like I was running in slow motion. The wing didn't come up, I slipped and let it fall. Sweating like a sumo in a sauna, my wing lying in the wet grass I almost went home right then.

No, thought I, I'll try once more, Laid the wing out where it fell, got set up and ran like a bastard for what felt like half a mile before the wing decided it was a good idea to go for a fly. My most difficult takeoff by far. Not just the wet wing, but unable to run fast in the soggy grass, it was a hard slog.
Anyway I'm up, and found my new suit doesn't slide into the seat like the old one and I had to go with my arse hanging off the edge until got a couple of hundred feet and could stow my brakes. Anyway all adjusted and comfy I decided to finally go for a fly :)

I had long abandoned the Tamworth flight due to time and unsure about the engine so I just headed over towards Cannock Chase. Now I'm a good boy and I went around Otherton airfield air space, went 1500-2000 feet over Cannock and surrounding area and went around the edge of the Chase as there's no landing spots in the trees. 
I'm so glad I'm a good boy. Bloody engine out at about 1000ft :lol:

No worries, I'm not one to panic. My training from CM Paramotors Clive was good. Trim in, try to restart but no luck.
Always have land out options available, you never know. I had a few good fields to go at but the one was a good size  with grass not crops so I headed there. Loosen seat board and chest strap, glide lovely and quietly into the field. Easy peasy. Oh, landed on one knee, not sure what happened to my feet. Shiny suit is no more!
Aside from pylons on the one side, it's a nice field and massive. I might try and find the owner ;)

So, I text the other half to say I was down, and a couple of other people in case I needed a lift. Tried to restart and the engine fired up, but then died. So I got the prop off and just reset my carb to factory settings. Started with no prop to test and it ticked over nicely. Put prop back on and started again and it revved and ticked over OK so I didn't need rescuing :)

Set up, pretty much nil wind, forward. I wasn't gonna fail this time, my wing had been sitting on wet grass for half an hour. Plenty of runway to aim at so off I went. RUN RUN RUN.... run some more.. my god it just didn't want to go. Almost ran out of field but got up and over the hedge (and road :/ ) 

I headed straight back with the engine feeling a bit off but it kept going. I got up 2000ft ish to give me time if it happened again but it was OK. Got back to the airstrip and had a few passes but because I was worrying it might cut out I struggled to get my distance right and ended up landing halfway down the runway. On my knees...
Oh well, a safe enough landing with a long walk back. 

I'll be stripping my carb to see if it's got some dirt or something in, no big deal. Still had two nice flights in perfect conditions and my new suit is cosy and warm :)

I was planning a Christmas day flight but I don't think I can be bothered to do it in time. Got my fix, had my flight, put my smile back on my face :D 

Heres a video of the excitement for the day :)



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Nicely done.

Only question I'd have is given you'd already had engine trouble should you not have circled that field to gain height? There were a couple of points on the way out that could have been nasty if you'd had a repeat. Not a criticism, just a genuine question as a noob myself.

I literally LOLed at your comment on landing 🤣

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1 hour ago, paraflyer17 said:

Nicely done.

Only question I'd have is given you'd already had engine trouble should you not have circled that field to gain height? There were a couple of points on the way out that could have been nasty if you'd had a repeat. Not a criticism, just a genuine question as a noob myself.

I literally LOLed at your comment on landing 🤣

It's a fair question, when I took off I went straight out of the field, but I did circle around the fields next door until I was at around 1500ft but that wouldn't have made an interesting video :)

Both flights were OK, even though I had tickover issues at first my engine hadn't shown any sign of cutting out whilst flying even until it died. When it died it wasn't at tickover either, it just decided it was a good time to no run any more.

I always fly with a get out, I know where there's a field within gliding distance and I know where the power lines are it's a good habit to get into. That's why I flew around Cannock chase instead of over it as it's all trees. On the way back the only parts of any risk were when I had to fly over part of cannock and over the M6, both of which I was in excess of 1500ft with plenty of time to glide to a landing. 

It was all good :) Video is really only to show bits, I'm not a vlogger :lol: 

I just looked at the video and it's good to see, and a good observation by you  - I went straight out to the next field. If it had cut out at 30ft up I would have been in a flooded field. Always learning :)

And I didn't know I'd said that whe I landed :lol: That's frustration at landing on my knees again !

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Yes, the bit I was referring to was at 6:15, and the road mainly. 

And actually it may have been better if I'd just phrased it as a general question rather than specific to your flight, as its something I've been wondering anyway. Is it sensible to double back on yourself and gain height to avoid the first hedge, fence, road etc you may encounter on takeoff, or does nobody do that?

I understood the takeoff was the riskiest part of any flight (on both paramotors and bigger aircraft?) so I didn't know if it was sensible to gain height before attempting to clear any immediate obstacles? Or do people just take the risk?

Once we have some height, as you say its a bit easier to have a few 'outs', its more that initial climb I always wonder about.

Anyway, no critisism intended, I'm just a noob trying to stay safe and ask the right questions to people who have more experience than me.


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I think evenybody is different. In hindsight maybe I should have. At the time I was wondering if the wing was even going to lift me as it had got wet. Normally I wouldn't go over the road but I didn't realise it was there. Normally I would go over the hedge into the next field no bother. But normally I'm familiar with the field I'm taking off from. Occasions like this the video review of the day is quite useful :)

It's fine asking mate, I'm only a year into it by no means expert. I've seen people do much more stupid things. 

What I do thik is when you're flying on your own you lose the benefit of a second pair of eyes and it does make a difference. Everything is going on in your head. Doesn't stop a good flight though :D


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5 hours ago, paraflyer17 said:

Is it sensible to double back on yourself and gain height to avoid the first hedge, fence, road etc you may encounter on takeoff, or does nobody do that?

Good to ask questions, I do the very same thing over my T/O field to gain height. There is a housing estate to one side, a forest to another beyond a second field and power lines (pylons) to another. It's not so small that it's crammed in though.

You need to keep in mind that some of the circling is thus downwind with the speed involved and narrowing of options.

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2 hours ago, AndyB said:

I always circle over my take off field until I have enough height..... and usually to make sure my engine will keep running. All it's failures seem to be within a few mins of stating!

Sensible. I suppose our motors are like anything else. I know how my car runs same as I know how my motor runs. Usually 😄

it’s only the second time I’ve had engine trouble usually very reliable but you shouldn’t take anything for granted

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  • 2 weeks later...

5 flights in one day.
And getting above the clouds

Well there have been a few good flying days recently but I only chose to fly on 31st Dec. 
Went to a field near Kettering, coincidentally a handful of other people also turned up at that field. We did not arrange to meet at all !

After my previous engine out I had stripped and cleaned my carb, checked pop-off pressure, checked my reeds and replaced one fuel line. Carb was reset to factory and ran OK on short tests in my garde at home. But kowing it had failed I decided to have a few laps of the field to check all was OK.
Well, I started it OK first pull. Then it cut out and was hard to start. So much for settig it up right. A fiddle with the low screw got it going again .
With a brisk maybe 6mph wind it was a good day to practice my reverse launches too. Quick wing check and reverse was easy, I stayed over the 2 or 3 fields we were parked at. All went well and I had a 6 minute test flight which was going ok but suddenly I had a misfire, so came in to land and the engine cut out on approach. No issues, nice foot landing and another look at the engine.

The throttle cable didn't feel right so I adjusted that and reset low screw from all the way in to 1/4 turn out then a bit more out, and also put in a new plug. Got it running nice and tried again.
Another easy reverse launch and kept very near the fields. This flight lasted 8 minutes and was even better. Great running and had a nice fly to check rev range. Happy enough I came in to land and the sodding thing cut out again on approach but at not such a good moment. I couldn't make the field and landed just the other side of the fence in the next field. On my feet though :)

After getting my kit over the fence I found it was only a slow tickover causing me an issue now so I just adjusted that a bit. Had a bit of a chat waited for the cloud base to lift as it was only at around 300ft. 
We got some blue gaps so thought we'd go up for a try to get through the cloud. Martin & Paul went up then me.
I flopped my reverse as my wing had got wet and I couldn't get it up enough so went forward.
As soon as I was near cloud I couldn't see anything - I tried to go up a bit but was wary I couldn't see the others and didn't know where they were. I could hardly see the floor and couldn't see the blue. The gaps had blown over.
I decided I wasn't enjoying it at all so I went back down to land. Still landed on my feet :) 
I think we've all been up there and not enjoying it as much as usual - I didn't see any point in staying up there.

We didn't all fly together this day, we just came and went as we felt which was nice and felt very relaxed. 
Anyway a bit later I went up with Paul and did a 20 minute flight. For no real reason I still wasn't feeling it. Clouds were at around 600ft, my fingers were freezing and it was a little bumpy though nothing bad. As we came by the field I decided to land and get my hands warm. It was only around 1pm so plenty of daytime left to fly.

Eventually around 2.30 the clouds broke properly - we could see proper sky! So 5 paramotors took to the sky to get above the clouds. 
We got a bit separated but that doesn't matter - I could see three others most of the flight. 
I got up to just above the clouds at 1700ft, then carried on to 3400ft above the field. What a fantastic sight - full sunshine and a couple of miles from the field almost full cloud cover. That's where I'm headed!
I stayed up high, following the others but I couldn't catch them. There was a microlight of some kind flying about over the clouds too enjoying the moment. 
I went over more clouds than I've ever been before. Always able to see the ground I felt perfectly safe. So peaceful, flying about, touching the tops of the occasional clouds. This is why I fly :D:D 
That was a 53 minute flight. 

It's hard to put into words the feeling of being there - the rest of the world oblivious to the beauty and the enjoyment of our hobby. Definitely one of my best flights ever :D

That was my 99th flight. I'd have liked it to be my 100th but I guess I'll have to make somethig even more special. (edit - just updated my flight log I'm now up to 101 flights so my 100th was the 20 mins long one :lol: )

This short video shows the good bits - my gopro wasn't quite pointing high enough but you get the idea. Fantastic on full screen :)



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  • 2 months later...

Well the last entry was almost 3 months ago!

There hasn't been much flying going on due to lockdown, and the bad weather actually helped us through it I reckon.

My first flight was on 27th Feb. Remember that Saturday when the sun came out and everyone thought that spring had sprung? It was a great day so I just got my kit and went to Penkridge. All on my own with a flask of tea and a sandwich for lunch.

I got set up nice and relaxed, plenty of pre flight checking after such a time of no flying.
The field has a tendency to be very sheltered so on the ground you get no wind but feel it soon as you're up. Unfortunately that means more nil wind forward launches!

Forward launch, straight up. like riding a bike :) Got comfortable and flew NE towards the farm where I'm moving my business premises to soon. Builders there putting up the walls.
Warm day and mid morning started to feel the bumps a bit. I flew back to the field, landed on feet. Good first flight for a while.

Second flight about 11.30am 2 failed forwards, then got up. The breeze in the field was erratic and I think I took off downwind in the end. Bloody long run!
I didn't enjoy this flight so much, definitely some thremal activity with so much sunshine. I lasted half hour then called it a day. Landed on my knees, just didn't get my feet right.
I sat in the field soaking up the sun. Socially diatanced from the whole world, it was great.

My next flight was on 8th March. It was generally accepted that paramotoring was allowed again so we went after work.

Went to Tamworth, Paul and Dave were there. We flew arounf the local area for a bit but only did half hour as it was very unpredictable and bumpy. No point persevering if it's not fun. This was another forward launch and foot landing. Getting better at this!
Later just before dark me and Paul went up again as it has calmed. Just got a 20 min flight in OK. Reverse launch and fell on my knees again. Maybe I'm not getting better at this!
We packed up and sat drinking a beer and chatting shit for a couple of hours before going home.

Moving on to the next decent weather and this weekend. 
I've been waking early so on Saturday I got to the field in Penkridge at 7am. However the clouds were a bit lowso I waited a while and eventually took off at 8.20
I could only get to 700ft before visibility became an issue but thats just fine. I had a nice hour's flight with a bit of low over the fields and just generally relaxing. So nice after the recent stress of work.
It was a forward launch and landed on my feet. All good. Forecast after about 10am was gusty so I didn't stay for more flights. Quite good when you can get to the field, hours flight and home by 10. Got all day left to do the housework - great!

Then yesterday went to Tamworth for a full day of flying. Paul was there and we went up around 10am. It was breexy maybe 7-8mph but fairly gusty and changeable. The windsock was having a right old time.
Getting set up, I waited for a stable windsock and easy reverse laiunch and off the ground in a few steps. As expected it was a bit gusty but not thermic, not too bad. Had a 25 min flight then landed (on my feet!) to cook breakfast.

Second flight wasn't so nice. The sun had come out and the bit of rising heat mixed with the gusts didn't make it a nice flight. It was another reverse launch - I've only done 13 reverses out of my 110 flights but I'm getting used to it.
Flew about and wasn't enjoying the bumps so came back after 20 mins. 
I had promised to go live on facebook for my landing so I had done the takeoff OK. I restarted the live feed for the landing - guaranteed to mess it up! And I did...
Came in with faffing about too much and not thinking clearly, didn't get my feet right again and didn't flare properly. Went on my knees and kept my chin up. Turned and brought the wing down. Facebook live didn't even know I'd messed it up :D 

The next couple of hours or so were eating and chatting, just waiting to fly again later.

In the meantime Richard had brought his tandem gear out so he and Paul decidedto go for it as there was a decent breeze. Well that was amusing!
Their first attempt simply didn't work. Ran out of field and got their feet in a bit of confusion. I guess it takes some practice. Setting them up again with a longer runway they just managed to get up and over the hedge. With a bit more practice they'll be OK. They had a little fly about and came back. Paul landed on his feet, Richard fell on his knees. Maybe it's the name?!
I don't think they'll be making a living from tandems, they just want to experience doing it. I think Paul just likes sitting between Richards legs.

A bit later we took off, around 3pm, NW towards Moira the other side of the M42. Nice flight even though still slightly bumpy. Took an hour or so. Was a forward launch with another landing on my knees. My wing doesn't seem to like to flare. Or maybe its me lol

Came back, refuelled and took off again, another forward launch. This time we headed over Nuneaton. Tamworth is getting a busy place - while setting up 4 other paramotors were above us, and Dave joined us in the air too. 
We had a decent 45 minute flight, then landed. This time I got the brakes above the brake handles. It's hard to wrap the brakes with the throttle in hand but this did make a bit of difference. I came down and landed on my feet OK.

All in all a great weekend with 5 flights, sitting in a field chatting to mates and generally feeling almost like normal.

Roll on PMC Cornwall fly-in :)

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Posted (edited)


Fantastic flights and crash landings!

I've had 10 flights since my last update - some good, some not so good. 

Couple of uneventful flights but had a run of landing on my feet OK. Thats nice.

Way back in February I ordered a new wing from CM Paramotors. 58 day wait. Felt like 58 weeks!
Finally on 9th April it had arrived with Clive and I went to his field after work to collect andn test fly my brand new custom colour Speedster 3 :)

'Do you need me to show you over the wing?' says Clive
'No' says me 'I'm fine.'
'OK check the trims as they usually come set fast from the factory'
'OK no problem'

So I fitted a new muffler on my moster then set up my new wing. Nice crispy new wing.
Kited it a bit and checked the trims which were on fast. Pulled them in to the white line. (mistake)
Now I had read the manual for my new wing several times during the 2 month wait for delivery. I'd read and re-read about the risers and the trim settings. 
I still managed to take off on 3/4 trim, whote line way past the red line. You know - the bit where you're not supposed to use your brakes :/
Well, I thought that was a bit of a long fast run. Felt like the wing was trying to overtake me but I got up. There were a couple of trees ahead of me so I did a tight-ish turn around 50ft up and went over the field and away. 
Not very responsive on the brakes, I thought. 
Well, when I was about 1000ft I noticed I was doing 41mph. Not bad trimmed in thinks me. I'll trim out see how fast I go. 
That's when I discovered my mistake. What a dope. Won't do that again!! Lucky I didn't get a low level collapse pulling so hard on the brakes trimmed out!

Well, I went a fly about for around 40 mins and it felt like a bit of rain so I headed back. 
Come in high and turn after the electric wires, keep away from the farm were the instructions. No problem.
I came in, little bit side on to wind, but felt ok. Came down fairly quic and landed on my bloody arse !
Clive sodding Mason, it's his fault. He won another fiver betting on me landing on my arse and that's the first time I've done it since September. Oh well.

Anyway, happy with my wing I was all smiles and couldn't wait to try it again.

As it happens the very next day was flyable so went to Paul's field on the Saturday morning and oh god what an amazing flight. We had 40 mins up around 1700ft above the clouds. Circling round chasing clouds, touching the tops it was amazing.
Short vid here:


Don't go there's more - lots more lol

Oh after the clouds I landed on my feet. Bingo!

Since then I had 3 flights from Penkridge. Landed on my knees all 3 times. I did forget my boots for 2 of those and slipped in my trainers. That's my excuse anyhow!

So now for the fun flight.
I met Paul at Draycott in the Clay to fly from a new field. Hopefully we'd get over the Peak District and find Alton Towers.
Well we did both. What a fantastic flight. Nice reverse launch and headed straight for the Peaks. 
90 mins of great flying, over Thor's Cave, over Dovedale and finally over Alton Towers. Then we headed back to land about 8pm 

This is where it all gets interesting. :/

 You see the field wasn't ideal. Lovely field, plenty of space, not so nice pylons and electric wires....
Paul went in no problem and landed just fine.
The approach to the field was with pylons on the right, then turn and land with pylons behind. They were in the next field but the seem really close when you fly by them.. 
So behind were the pylons, and on the left hedge line of the field were 3-phase electric wires on wooden poles. 
So fly in over the wires, with pykons on the right, turn and land. Easy right? :lol:

I came in far too high and went around. Came in OK I thought, wary of the wires, but I was still too high.
The glide on this new wing I had been told about - glides a long way on landing.
So, down I came thinking I've got this. Engine off when I though I'd be OK. But I wasn't. On it went, past the vans, past Paul, towards the horses in the next field. 
Well, I almost had it!

I could see the fence approaching. One of those made from real sturdy wooden poles. With a bit of barbed wire for extra fun.
I couldn't slow enough, couldn't land in time. Engine was off. What choice do you have in the few seconds knowing you're going to hit it. I think I was trying to choose which body part to hit with.
I was hoping I'd land and run into the fence but no.
I didn't want to hit it with my body as I have enough stomach issues without nashing it on a fence.
So as far as I can work out I opted to make a feeble attempt at getting my feet up but it didn't work at all. I ended up hitting the fence with my nose. 


Legs went under the fence, tore my suit on the barbed wire and I lay there, turtled. Blood running up my nose & down my throat, wishing Paul would run quicker!

Anyhow Paul eventually got to me, unbuckled me and got me up. His wife had called an ambulance and we cancelled that, Paul got my kit back to the van. The horse came to check I was OK too :)
I facetimed my other half to let her know which gave her a good laugh :lol: Then sat and had a cuppa and a chat for an hour to make sure I was OK to drive home. Paul's wife wasn't impressed at my attitude but I was just being me. Priority when blood involved is to get pictures :lol: 
I was numb but fine and just having a laugh about my stupidity. 
I do however apreciate the help from Mr & Mrs Paul Page :)

Post flight debrief was that the biggest mistakek was flying from that field at all. Pylons and wires everywhere and horses the other two sides. Asking for trouble. 

Have a laugh at this. And don't be like me. Be smart :lol:


Had a fly yesterday after a swift repair to my frame. Straghtened and re-welded. I learned to TIG weld titanitum yesterday. Every cloud and all that .....

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Glad you are OK Rich, we will have to start a club for those that have crashed into a fence (I have).

For being clots to do so perhaps it could be called the Cloture Club.

Good on the TIG welding.

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