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I’m doing this for anyone who cares and for myself so I can look back on it later 🙂

In April 2012 a nice nutter by the name of Bobby Frankham got me hooked on wanting to paramotor. I know a lot of you know him too. 

We were going from John O’Groats to Lands End on mopeds for charity. Anyway he went off around Loch Ness on his paramotor and the idea of doing it got me bad. Even better when Bobby explained how accessible the sport is.

Sometime around 2012 or 2013 I had a day’s training in Nottingham  while it was ok I wanted a more thorough training package including laws and weather etc  and I didn’t get to go back.

My life took a different turn and after many life changing events I got to 2018 still obsessed with getting up there. 

I had researched training a bit and decided where I wanted to go - Clive Mason has a great reputation and he’s accessible to me about an hours ride from home. 

So in October last year I contacted Clive and after impatiently waiting for an opening and weather I got to meet him and a few others at Marston airfield on 20th January this year. It wasn’t the right day to start but I chatted with people and had a go at a handful of forward launches to get a feel for the wing and harness.

Next lesson Sunday 3rd Feb. Plenty of wind  a little gusty meant I spent 5 hours or so reversing and kiting all over the field. Well by then did the day I was, at the start I was just wearing myself out I think! Good progress though and plenty of tuition from Clive with help from the others on the field too.

I’d got a holiday booked 25 feb and I was keen to get some more training in before I went. (Sitting in Thailand writing this😊)

But before that Clive found me a good used Oxone Spyder which I collected on 8th Feb😁

I got to go and train on 23rd and 24th Feb with Clive and it was great. Using my own wing was different to handle than Clive’s training wing.  Plenty of wind Saturday at the other field, then calmer and more technical on Sunday at Marston. Loads of time reversing and turning, kiting and falling over a fair bit too!

That’s my lot so far, to be continued when I return from Thailand in a week or so.

oh and looks like I just bought myself a motor too🙄😁  turned into an expensive holiday !






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Good to hear it's going well Rich.

I still remember the feeling I had after landing from my first solo.  Not sure if it was the adrenaline rush from the actual flight or relief to be back on the ground but it felt so amazing!  I was desperate to get back up again, i thought of nothing else until my next flight.

You're in good hands there and you will totally love it.


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Welcome to the madness Rich. I hear you. I did something similar and work got in the way. But I have been on holiday with the family and ended up watching youtube videos of paramotoring. :)

Good luck and see you at some PMC events at some point

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