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FeedConn T Max Group Bluetooth Intercom


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Can anybody talk about the above bluetooth intercom setup?

Compared to the senna it seems pretty cheap at £53.

Few other guys are using it and wondering if it was more frequently used by other flyers.

It mentions that it can only be used within the same Feedconn brand.  So is it worth it??


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I know this post is dated but if anybody is looking for it, I have a freedconn t-com  bluetooth setup and it's been very good. I know other pilots which switched to a legit sena and were disappointed by the slim difference in quality. So yeah it compares really well to a sena at a fraction o the price i recommend it. My only complaint is the length of the wires, they could have been 2-3 inches longer


my guess is that the t-max is as good as the tcom

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