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Greetings from South West! (Bristol)

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Hi all,

Thought I'd drop in here and say Hello! I was brought here by Paranoob of Youtube fame, I've been very much enjoying the videos of his training. It's my own intent to get flying in the coming year, I've begun the first half of the BHPA Paragliding course but so far only managed 2 days of decent weather with Steve at Axis Paragliding in South Wales. I've since become a Dad so haven't had the time in recent months to continue it! But hoping to at least finish off the elementary course at the start of this year.

In the meantime, it would be great to get your opinions on what would be a good starter wing so I can get shopping and do some ground handling on the days when I can't get to Wales! I weigh in at about 95kg (too many pasties) and although initially I was going to try freeflying for a while before starting paramotor adventures, I'm pretty well decided that I want to get a paramotor as soon as I can so a good starter paramotoring wing is what I'm looking for.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing what you suggest!



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I’d buy a cheap wing just for ground handling, you can find them easily online. You’ll die inside when your new wing gets covered in British mud and damp. I’d wait to buy a proper wing as you’ll hopefully get to try a few at your school. Personally I prefer ozone wings, their website is useful too. 

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Happy to give a days training away with a new wing (as we always do :-) ) 

The Dudek universal 1.1 is still the way to go in my opinion. Flipping amazing bit of kit. 

I don't see the point in spending £2-300 on a wing for ground handling, A, it will be nothing like a new one to ground handle,  B, once flying you will likely never use it again, C, it's still £2-300+ that you could have just put towards your flying wing. 



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