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Is there such a thing!?

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Forgive me people, I flew powered hang gliders for some time gaining around 90 hours approx........took 10 years off and during my mid life decided I wanted to get back in the air. That said, paramotoring seems a little more comforting and forgiving now at 45. 

Certain conditions in getting my pass stamped and the all clear from ‘er indoors, is that one day. . . Perhaps I might take her up with me. So my question is this, is there such a wing in the paramotoring world that could be ample for my good self, a modest 12 stone pilot, relatively fast (the wing!) that could accommodate some additional ballast (the Mrs) later on? 

is it this point that I also need to consider a power unit again ample for me alone that will have enough push to get ‘er indoors off the ground also......or should I just blag they don’t make dual wings no more and fly alone and enjoy said hobby without additional ballast. 

Respectfully ko 

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If you want to buy stuff, maybe a book to tickle ones fancy while also being actually valuable knowledge :-) 

I would be tempted also to get on with your training as soon as you can, most of the decent schools will be fully booked by the time the summer is here. 

Either way, see you soon at one of the events no doubt. :-)


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