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Radio again :-)

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Hi Guys,

I´m new in this paramotor thing. And after reading a lot there is one question about radios and communication in the air.

So ... what i think i like to do is to have a airband radio and I like to comminicate with other people in the air. Bluetooth intercom ...no ;-). Is there a portable device on the market the is good for both ?

If there would be any advice ... would be nice :-)

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Hi, if you use an airband radio you have to have an operators license to use one. Usually a training flying clubs will run courses as part of pilots PPL training. The handheld airband radios are really aimed at people needed to talk to airtraffic control, airfields etc and not a "chat" radio.

I could be wrong and happy to be corrected but I don't think a lot of Paramotor pilots use an airband radio but do use other radios like PMR446 license free for group flying and training. I'm sure there are lots of posts on what radios people like.

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thx for your reply nic ...

what i´m thinking about is, how can i manage this if let´s say, i like to make an overland flight with some friend and we make some stops at some little airport ... so that we can talk to each other and i can reach the info frequency from the airport ...

I have read that it is common in ul flights to commuicate to each other over some special blabla frequencys in the airband .... 

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No Problem, I do know in the UK some companies have there own licensed company frequencies. This would be for there own "operational chat".

I also know of pilots using 123.45 as a "chat" but this is a long time ago. To operate an Air band radio you still have to be licensed. 

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in germany when you make your license it is allowed to use airband in G and E airspace ... so it is an option to use just one radio to communicate to each other and to the ground of an airfield ... but when i like to fly in other contrys it is maybe different and so i ask myself what is the best way to use one device. ... I just a beginner, so mybe with the time the question will be asked ... ;-)

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RocknRotor. Hi, Eddie from MicroAvionics here, we manufacture headsets and helmets.  Most people user 2m band or PMR, airband about 10%. If you want to fly into airfields, then you will definitely need airband and must be a latest 833 version (which we sell from £199).  We manufacture the MicroAvionics PM100 headset. This allows connection of any radio, and you may want to consider using 2m band for general flying and chit chat, then for those flights that you go through airfields or land at them, you can connect an airband radio to the headset. It is also possible to connect 2 radios at any one time to the PM100. This may be advantageous  if you want to speak to the other PPG pilot on 2m band. We also add Bluetooth into the headset for stereo music and telephone if required.

The other poster is correct, you 'should' have an operators license for airband, and I would urge you to get this. It's quite easy and can be done in a few evenings training followed by a test (verbal and theory). Most GA airfields can put you in contact with an examiner to sort this.

I have to point out that it is illegal to use 2m, PMR in the air as it's not approved as an airband rig. To be legal you would use airband with an operators license and rig licence. However, PPG and PG have been using 2m and PMR for many years and all my friends who fly PPG use 2m. 2m band will give you the best performance.

Rough costs for you and available from www.microavionics.com

MicroAvionics PM100 headset £269 https://www.microavionics.com/paramotor-ssdr-headsets.html

Alinco DJ 500 2m/PMR radio £129 https://www.microavionics.com/paramotor-ssdr-headsets.html

Helmet, Plusmax or ICARO around £150

Retail Price List 2019 V1.doc

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