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Advice thermalling with a paramotor

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I'm a paraglider pilot, living too far from a launch with a good flying site.  I'm wondering if anyone use a paramotor to get up there, switch it off, then thermal like a paraglider.  Looks good above me looking at the clouds... Do you need special hardware, harnest, to maximize this possibility?  Not recommended?  Why?  Tx


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Definitely get the lightest machine for your weight as you can. It must have moving swing arms. You have 2 choices of arms, low and straight like an orginal  PAP machine or swan neck like Miniplane. With the straight arms you lean back, without power, like a PG harness but landing is a bit more difficult. With Swan arms you will be upright all the time, easier to land and prefered my most paramotor pilots.

I mostly paramotor thermal with a Miniplane Top80 and MacPara Elan, it's different to pg but great fun, especially on no wind days when almost no pgs are flying in the UK.

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Your talking to a total paramotor beginner here so I'll have to do some research about these "arm types" and stuff.  Not sure what you are talking about.  The unit I'm looking at is a used H&E R120.  The harness is very similar to a paraglider harness with the motor attached to it.  The glider is attached to the harness.  I suspect you are talking about a different type of set up?  Anyway, beside the fact that this big motor is strapped on the back, it sure looks like the whole steering setup is very similar to a paraglider harness design.   I'll go have a better look at it...  will include pictures next.


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That looks like a cobra paramotor made in asia...its a close copy of the nirvana rodeo. I own a nirvana rodeo and this unit is high hang point and doesnt have any weight shift (on mine carabiners attach to top of harness on shoulders). Your one looks like different hang points but soft ones like that have eome weight shift but i think its a bit limited.


If its the same as mine, you can thermal with the right wing but without weight shift arms get very tired.


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