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Photo out the blue....

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Last night I was flying watching the sun set as normal and I saw 30 ish cars parked by the reservoir, Everybody was out watching the sun go down too.

I thought I bugger off and not upset anybody.  

On landing a car pulled up and said he followed me back to the airfield, because he took a photo of me with his mobile and wondered if I wanted it.

In the end they were all watching the starlings flying around and not me :-)

So I thought I'll share 'Darren's' photo - What a kind guy :-)



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36 minutes ago, Steve said:

Looks like a great flight mate.


Yep, one of many down here :-)

Does not show how cold and wet the grass was though with a very low ground mist.  

We have a weather mast on the airfield and I have never seen it show 0.3 mph guests at 0.9 mph before.

But, yes, lovely flight which I spent 90% of my time at 10 - 20 feet - going around the airfield and moor hills (mountains we call them here). Awesome.

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