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Stolen paramotor and wing


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Hi All.  I would be grateful if you would contact me via the forum if you come across a Parajet Volution 2 paramotor and/or a Paramania Revo2 wing up for sale.  I had both items stolen from my garage in Hampshire a few days ago together with a load of other stuff.  The paramotor and wing are both in excellent condition having been under used since their original purchase.  The thieves did not take the propellor blades (the 3 bladed Parajet model) as they had been taken off the engine and put to one side and so anyone wanting to buy or use the paramotor would have to get a new set of propellor blades.  The engine is the electric start version but the battery was not attached and anyone wanting to use it would need to get a new battery too.  There is an emergency reserve incorporated into the seat harness.  The wing is in the classic Paramania Night Shade colour scheme (black, orange and white with a largely white upper surface).  In the rucksack for the wing was included a carbon fibre helmet, gloves, balaclava and other small tools and items.  Also taken was a paragliding harness for use in ground handling and minor free flight soaring.  I would love to recover the equipment f at all possible and any help would be much appreciated.  Regards, Mark Shepherd

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Is it this one:-

23m Paramania Revo 2 80hrs

Paramania Revo 2 23m

Comes with Paramania Rucksack
2x Paramania Stuff sack (one large on small)
Receipts of service and repair from The Loft

Very crisp wing despite hours
Has one small repair on leading edge (around the size of your thumb) repaired by The Loft
Been stored neatly and in dry conditions since ownership and is a beautiful wing to fly
Has some slight staining on the white section from previous owner but only noticeable close up.
Fly's amazing all trim settings work fine and are still visible
Only selling due to other commitments meaning I've got to sell all my toys!

Feel free to message for any more info

Collection only.

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Hi and thank you for the message.   No, that doesn't look like the one.  I should have added more detail in the original post; the wing is the 29m2 large model.  Also in the rucksack was a single stuff sack.  The wing is in undamaged and excellent condition.

I also forgot to mention that the thieves did not take the three part cage for the paramotor which was taken off and stored in the rafters of the garage and so, like the propellor and the battery, anyone wanting to use it would have to get a new set of cage sections.

Really appreciating the various responses.


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It looks very similar (including the stuff sack) but mine was a Nightshade colour scheme and this one appears to be Dune.  Also, the risers look a bit more used than mine.  I am trying to check the serial number of mine, though, just in case.

Thank you.


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