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PMC summer fly-in / Para fest dates clash.

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Some of you may have noticed that the Parafest has changed it's dates which now clashes with the historical PMC Summer Fly-in dates of the 2nd weekend in July. 

I am unsure what the thought process was behind this date change and I am sorry to see that it clashes with our event. It's not good for anyone involved.  

I guess we will both be having slightly smaller events and one less fly-in in 2019. :-(

Because I know that we have many Services guys, who have already booked leave for the PMC event, (as well as many others who require this notice) The PMC will continue to have the Paramotor Club's Main summer event on the same date's as we have for the last 8 years. (12-13-14 July) 

As always, I hope to see you there, but understand if we don't. I guess it will be a 'best weather' win's lol  




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I've only done one parafest and it was ruined by weather so I would like to try another one.  But on balance, given the choice of either/or, I will be choosing PMC flyin.  It's a shame as I'd like to do Parafest too, but the PMC flyins are awesome and the people that go to them make it even better.


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I doubt the PMC summer fly-ins have been happening for 8 years Simon..??
I did the Sticky Grape fly-in April 2012.
This was the first fly-in to have a communal fire pit, amplified music, a burger van, wristbands, a free gift for pilots at registration, airmaps for pilots, the list goes on, sound familiar.? 
it was only after this fly-in the PMC started doing them....

I have explained why the date clash happened on the Facebook UK paramotor group.
It was down to the farmer only having these dates available that fitted in with the other events he was committed to on the same land and the hay crop needs to come off the large field that we use for flying from so it couldn't be any earlier.
There was no malice and it was not on purpose.
It was an innocent over-sight and I did not want to make people choose between the two...

A shame you can't see your way to adjust by a week or two either side of these dates just for this year.
I will find new dates for the future and you can have the 2nd weekend in July forever now I am aware of it.
The dates were released on Oct 1 but you never mentioned anything about the date clash until we were well into November...!!!
I have already booked and paid deposits for the stage, sound, lights and over 30 portaloos.
The headline acts are booked and lots of the festival infra-structure is booked and deposits have been paid.
I cannot move it now or I lose all the deposit money and possibly the headline acts as the UK festival circuit is very busy and stuff gets booked up very quickly.

It would be very easy and no effort for you to change the PMC summer fly-in dates just for this year as a one off.
I have offered you a free pitch at Parafest by way of an apology.
The PMC can promote itself and you can have your own private party within Parafest.
Maybe this year, just for once, we could merge and the pilots could have the best of both worlds...??




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Our first fly-in's were at Lambourn in 2010 and before your time Mark, most likely why you don't know about them.  :-) We even had T-shirts made "It's the pilots that make the Party" Still have one somewhere :-)

I think I have done the best thing for our members that have booked time off already based on the dates. This includes two of our set up and support crew. 

Also July is a super busy month for me and the only other weekend I could do it would have been in August. 

We are going to continue with these dates and also have another event (which gives people an option and I think a fair plan) :-) 

I appreciate the offer of a free pitch.



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Oh yeah,  the lambourne one. I forgot about that one....
Not before my time, I've been flying paramotors since 2006, I just didn't go.

Can't you remember the conversations we had about fly-ins when I was on the pmc holiday in October 2011 and I was talking about doing a fly-in the following spring..?? 

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It was not Lambourn 'one' we had 3 there off the top of my head. :-) 

I honestly don't see what your issue is... You picked the dates, or the farmer or whoever... and it was your call to agree to it, change the site and so on...... if it was a mistake then such is life, we all make them from time to time. You are the event organiser of your event, so organise it as you see fit. 

I get the clash is not ideal for you but worth remembering that it was not my doing', I have considered the impact on the PMC members and come up with the above solution after speaking with a good few of them. I have had great feedback from them who seem to agree that it's a suitable and fair option. ( we could just not bother with the second event if you would prefer? ) 

I think you need to relax.


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