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Flight number 100 today.


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I found my limit today. I had all my cold gear on and it adds considerable weight. I had set up the wing first, in no wind. When I came back with machine on my back, ready to go......one end of the wing had blown away. I knelt down to pull it straight and add some sand to hold it, then I found I couldn't stand up. I had to get a bloke to help me up!!!!



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Very well done Andy and Alan not easy when you have all your gear on for winter flying but great when you get in your seat all nice and warm, Alan I spotted you cruising around enjoying yourself,PS storing your motors for winter no chance.!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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33 minutes ago, Hann__ said:

This was you`re 100th flight, Andy?

With all your time in Spain seemingly flying every day i had you down as passing the 100th flight mark a long time ago.

....and well done on getting back in the air after that major op.



Hi, I have only really had 18 months of flying time since training. I spent most of this year flat on my back and only done 3 flights since April. Hope to do loads of flying Jan/Feb...when back in Spain. :)

Just packed up my gear now, ready for the trip to Spain in Jan. My 100th flight was good, but too much of a struggle for me with all the winter gear on. I'm going to keep training now and hopefully stronger in Jan. 

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Congrats Andy! I just had my 100th flight a few weeks ago. I can't imagine how much more difficult it would be to launch with all that warm gear on. Living in south Florida I had to wear a jacket, sweatshirt and gloves one time in the "winter" and it was a PITA...  

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